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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

May 13, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you

Gaia, can you give me the highest probability for the summer forecast for the United States?

Yes, I will include Canada as well, Tom. This will be the long “hot” Hail Stormsummer as these are the conditions I need to help raise the levels of the oceans. Yes, you may have guessed that, Tom, but there will be periods of utter chaos, you might term it, as these conditions make it ripe for severe summer storms mostly in the northern half of the USA and yes, extending into Canada.
The Southern part of the USA will not be spared completely, but you will have weeks of baking in the sun. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. There will be flash floods in the northern half from the torrential downpours that suddenly arrive, plus tornadoes in places that have not seen them before.

August will be especially stormy in some places while others endure the heat. This is a cycle for me, Tom, but it also coincides with my desire to raise the levels of the oceans 12.5 inches by the end of this year. Temperatures will reach record levels in a number of states and yes, Dog on hot summer dayCanada too. News stories will abound by reports of the melting of the ice pack in the far northern latitudes.

So, take this to the bank, shall we say, Tom. Take care of your pets and domestic animals as they will need much water. Farmers will need to consider harvesting earlier than normal. Keep good track of your crops that you normally do anyway.

Will hurricanes fire up earlier, or about the same time this year, Gaia?

Look for the early appearance of at least one hurricane, but also two or three others below hurricane level before the fall season when they typically are more numerous.

An astrologer predicted a terrorist attack in the United States around the Memorial Day weekend, so I asked.
Theo, what is the probability of a terrorist attack on the USA around Terrorist AttackMemorial Day?

It will not be in the United States, but there will be news of one elsewhere in the world. Your readers can say a BP for the souls who have agreed to participate.
Let’s all say this Benevolent Prayer (BP) out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort, and assist anyone in any way affected by an upcoming terrorist attack in the most benevolent way possible, thank you!”
Judy writes:
Will the government ever stop legislating women's personal and medical decisions?
And when will religions stop objecting to transgenders, gays and lesbians?
Thanks in advance for any answers on the above queries. I also wish to thank you for your amazing newsletters. They make my week.

Theo, what is the highest probability of when the U.S. Government will Women's Rights Signstop legislating women’s personal and medical decisions?

Yes, it will take a few more years as you can imagine, but within the next five and at most ten years great strides will begin to be seen as the pendulum we have alluded to begins to swing in that direction. And yes, it would be good for you and your readers to say a BP for this to occur faster than you can expect and hope for. These BPs, as we have said countless times, do have a ripple effect and do assist in helping those in legislative bodies and the courts to support women’s rights.
Here is the BP to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist those in legislative bodies to make decisions in the best interests of women’s rights for their personal and medical decisions, thank you!”
What is the highest probability of when religions will stop objecting to Anti-Gay San Franciscogays, lesbians and transgenders?

This will take longer, as you might guess, Tom. Religious doctrines that have taught this for years – yes, centuries—must be changed, and that takes time. We are not saying there will not be changes, but they will be slow in coming in some parts of the world. Western societies are moving well in that direction, although there are religions in each of those countries that will still teach that homosexuals and transgenders are a sickness and it will take time to convince them that this is the Creator’s wish and their souls’ desire to experience everything a life on Earth has to offer. Again, say a BP for this change in doctrine to a more loving, inclusive view of their fellow men and women. It will assist those that say the BP too.
Here is the BP to say out loud:
“I ask any and all beings to assist the leaders in all religious faiths to change their doctrines to a more loving, inclusive view of their fellow men and women, and may this happen even sooner than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

In my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them, are eight soul “fragments” of our soul, including me.
Theo says our souls may be Abe Sapien--Hellboy Movieshaving 500,000 to 1,000,000 lives going on across the universe AT THE SAME TIME for our souls’ learning. One of my soul cluster brothers is an ET amphibian, having a life back on our home planet of Nommo in the Sirius B Star System, to put into use what he’s learned from having 800 lives on Earth. His lives on Earth were mostly as an explorer, while my lives concentrate on religions.
With a soul interest in exploring, he’s a member of a “first contact” team that goes all over the universe contacting emerging societies thousands of years before they develop to the point of space travel. He related one story in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET of going to a desert planet to contact beings with the appearance of sloths. He’s First Contactheaded to Earth around October with a team of other first contact members for, hopefully, direct contact with governments, scientists, and “grass roots,” which is where I come in. He says I will shoot the first documentary ever on board his 3-mile-wide and 20-stories-tall mothership. So, you’ll read a lot of questions about that possibility over the coming months. Here are a variety of questions I asked over the last week.

Antura in the wings, Tom, and ready for our conversation.
I bet you didn’t think we would be talking today.

Yes, actually we were pretty confident that you would choose to arise even though you were 30 minutes or more late. We know your inner desire to continue on this path, perhaps even better than you can know in your waking life. We know your soul contract, which of course you cannot know—only that you are on the path and we see no diversion the rest of the way, shall we say.
Regarding your family, will you be gone to Earth as much as one Universal year or less?

It will be less, but they know it is part of my work and very important work coming up. So, in Earth years it would be a little less than five years at this time. It is a little open ended depending obviously on how much progress is made. The time will fly by for me as keep in mind, as I have reminded you before, things move much slower outside of the Earth space-time continuum. But it is an exciting time I look forward to.
Antura, is Sirius B only four times the size of Earth?Comparison of Suns

Quite true, Tom. The sun is quite compact and has a density far beyond its size, so its brightness is quite sufficient to allow life on its planets as don’t forget how huge Sirius A is. It is the brightest star in your sky for a reason. It provides heat far out into space.
Then is Sirius C as large as our sun?

No, smaller still, but again, is assisted by Sirius A. The planets that surround this sun are a little different in makeup. I can and will show you the differences between these suns when you are on board.
Would any of the planets orbiting Sirius C be similar to any of the planets in our solar system?

Yes, but as you notice there appears to be little life on the other planets in your solar system. There are beings inhabiting several of these Sirius C planets, but shall we say are different themselves. Very difficult to explain as you do not yet have that background to understand how different ETs can be. So, to answer your question, there are a couple of similar planets, but several that you or your astronomers have yet to categorize.
I'll call her Charlotte writes:
I have some questions about an ET experience one of my cousins had. The first time that she was visited Alien, ET Depictionwas almost thirty years ago when she was still a child. From what she told me, it doesn't sound like she was abducted (or perhaps they wiped her memory). It happened at her home in the middle of the night. Seven years ago, they visited her again, but this time it was in public place and in the evening. She said they communicated something to her telepathically (she was in her car and the ET was standing in the parking lot).
In the past, you have mentioned that ET abductions have been prohibited by the Earth Directive some time ago. I was wondering...are visitations by ETs also prohibited?
Why are they targeting my cousin and do these ETs have benevolent intentions? (I feel they do not.) Has she ever been abducted?
I am worried for my cousin either way as she now has a family. I have requested an MBO for this to stop and for her and her family's protection. However, is my requesting an MBO enough or could you ask Theo or Antura to please ask those running the Earth Directive to put an end to this?

Antura, was Charlotte’s cousin abducted one or more times or was this her planet checking on her?

They were checking on her. She was not abducted. We will inform them UFO Over Boythat they went a little too far and frightened the lady as you were about to describe.
Fortune writes:
In 1989 a UFO was shot down in the Kalahari Desert. Who were the beings in the spaceship and what happened to them when they were captured?
Antura, was an ET ship shot down in the Kalahari Desert and if so, how, and were there ETs captured?

There was no such incidence of this happening. As was described in one of the articles, it was an elaborate hoax.
Click here for the article.
How many suns are there for the Federation planets? More than 10?

Quite so. Use the number of 20 for the time being. There are actually a few more as the Federation covers more space than you can imagine at this time.
How close is the next Federation of planets?Milky Way Galaxy

In physical miles, it would be considered quite far away, but using a portal from Earth to the next Federation of planets is but a few seconds away using Earth time as a comparison. If you were to look on a star map, they would appear to be far away. And to answer the question you were thinking to ask next, they felt their location and the makeup of their planets would not attract the Reptilians to their part of the galaxy, so they did not join in the war. In reality that was shortsighted thinking as the Reptilians would have continued on their path had we not found a way to a peace settlement.
I would think there might not be any trade with them.

Correct. They have little we would need, and the memory of them not assisting is there.  And yes, you will have the opportunity and capability to visit them one day if you wish. They may or may not greet you with open arms, but we know that will not stop you from spreading bits of negative energy to assist them in their growth.
How many Pleiadian planets are there?

Quite a large number with the number of suns they have. That is why Pleiadesthey have such a large influence in the Federation—sheer numbers. They have more planets actually than we do in the Sirius three-star system. But also keep in mind we have a great relationship with the Pleiadians. They are our friends and comrades. All for one and one for all.
Then would the number of planets be more than 60?

Yes. Add around 10 more.
It would seem there would be even more planets.

No, stick with that number at this time.
Margarita writes from California:
Thank you for putting yourself and the material out there! You have inspired me greatly and for that I am most grateful!! I say MBO/BPs every day and this process has shifted my attitude and daily experiences for the better to be certain!! Last June my Cardiff by the Seafiancé and I witnessed four ships total with glowing, pulsating energy rings around them hovering gently for about 45 minutes over our home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA. I was awestruck and beyond excited and felt deeply grateful for the opportunity. During our sighting, I sat down on a chair, closed my eyes and attempted to mentally connect with the occupants - at which point I kept getting an insectoid being (praying mantis).
Before this sighting, I have had UFO dreams where a ship hovered directly over me sending a beam of light to collect me. Running from them, I looked over my shoulder and yelled, "No." They respected my wishes and went away. I awoke feeling exhilarated from the energy of the experience - not frightened I wish to say! I continue to witness activity (fast moving lights) at the star line in the sky above my home at night.
Who and for what reason were those beings in the four ships over UFOCardiff last June and what is the connection to me and my fiancé? Will I continue to have contact and is that an important piece of my work down here on Mama Earth at this time? I love being connected to our relatives in space and the idea that they are planning open visits in our near future excites me beyond measure.

PS: Have I either worked with you and/or MBOs in any other life?
Antura, what is Margarita’s and her fiancé’s connection to the four ET ships hovering over them at home at Cardiff-by-the-Sea?

Yes, they are from her planet saying a friendly hello with no thought of taking or abducting them in any way. They knew she would write you and wanted to put on a great show, knowing that their location would not cause the neighbors to be afraid.
She got an image of a praying mantis?

Yes, one of the crew members was that, you see. There are many Praying Mantisdifferent types of beings in the universe as you will see during your stay on our mothership, Tom. As I’ve said before, you will be in a constant state of amazement. We know after spending your whole life just seeing humans in various colors, shall we say, you meeting so many different types of beings will really almost be an overload, but we are quite confident you will see, and your family will too, the interaction with these beautiful people who will have nothing but love and concern for your wellbeing.
Has Margarita worked with me in another life?

She knew you and your work, yes, but not arm–in-arm, shall we say. So, she has a familiarity with you.
Is the Sirian ship that is currently overhead the same size and with the same number of crew members?

Yes, the same size, but a little smaller crew, as you recall that we kept adding crew members—people who wished to experience the arrival of humans on board the ship—so our crew grew. Therefore, the total number of crew and families would be a little less than 1,200. There is UFOstill a great need for those who perform the tasks of taking, recording, and analyzing data collected each day.
Are any ships from other universes overhead at the present time?

Yes, there are two, and I have been told a third is planning to arrive soon. That is the maximum we feel comfortable (and I mean the Federation) in allowing. You might say we have to tell them to “take a number.”
Oh, one more thing, Antura. I discovered a new camera rig [gimbal] Movi Procalled the MoVI Pro I had not known about before that is making filming easier for both movies and documentaries.

Yes, this is something that I’m quite sure you will utilize. Keep up the studies.
Here is a one minute video how it is used to shoot interiors, which will be the majority of the time on board the mothership. This is really neat.  Naturally it was invented in someone's garage! Click here.
This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and Distracted DriverBP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
M.E. writes:
On to my MBO story....Before I leave my house, I always say an MBO for a safe drive to my destination. A few days ago, on my way to visit my sister (it was a couple a days before she transitioned), I was driving in my neighborhood when an oncoming car veered into my side of the street. I had nowhere to go; I simply stopped my car and waited. At the VERY last second, the driver apparently looked at the road and swerved, narrowly missing my car (it would have been a head-on collision). Instantly I said "thank you" about a hundred times! I was shaken, but then said an MBO to remove the unnerving feeling. Whew!
Stephanie in Ohio writes:
I would Love to share an MBO in progress...not exactly what I thought I needed or asked for, but much better factoring in all the lessons I have learned along the way thus far. I have a small rural farm Sanctuary in Ohio and live on the property. Last Drilling Water Wellweek on Friday our 350-foot deep water well collapsed leaving us waterless and facing a $7,000 bill to drill a new well. I 'rattled the bushes' for three days and was unable to find/borrow the funds necessary. So, on Monday, I garnered all my humility I had to call the Well Driller to explain that we did not have the dollars and would have to postpone getting water. The moment that I picked up the phone to call him, I heard a 'heads up' bark from one of our residents. I went to see who he was telling me was here.
Lo and Behold it was Keith, my neighbor of 40 years and the well driller followed by a convoy of well drilling equipment. I spoke my truth at the moment and he so kindly said “You and your animals need water, so don't worry, we will work it out later” I hugged him and cried massive tears as I felt a wave of appreciation energy flow from me to him. After the new well was installed at the end of the day,
I faced the 'now what?' then asked for an MBO for the $7,000 necessary to pay this compassionate man. In the same MBO, I asked for clarity in this situation.
The next morning, first thing on my mind was to call a young tech savvy friend, John (who had adopted a dog from us seven years ago), and asked for help setting up a crowd funding campaign. With a resounding 'yes' he would love to help, he set it up in a few days, and now there is great hope for us. But beyond all that, my guides knew that part of my growing process in this situation was learning to ask for help and being willing to also receive. I AM not alone and the Universe is full of Benevolent Beings willing to share a few dollars… A Cosmic community that I needed to remember!

Thanks, Tom, for the launch of MBOs for us ALL. (May I share a link to our crowd funding site called You Caring? Click here.
Charlie writes:
My friend Rebecca's cat that was an indoor cat escaped. CatWhen she returned home, she was ill; the vet said Poe would most likely die. I asked on her behalf for a BP. Now first of all, it was expensive. Now Poe is home, and miraculously Rebecca’s mother-in-law helped with the expenses. I am proud and grateful to be a part of your group.
Fortune writes:
I understand you have been told that we are in 5.0D now, Transitionwhere are the people dying now going to?

Theo, when we transition, what focus do we take as, in the past, we’ve been told that we go up one focus?

That’s not true, Tom. The focus your soul fragment moves to is quite a bit higher as your soul fragment rejoins your soul. Your souls are connected at all times to these soul fragments.
Scotty in Kauai writes:
I have a few questions for you regarding seasoned souls. My intuitive self senses that most of the fundamentalist believers of Western religions are younger souls. I also sense that most conservative, hard line politicians are younger souls as well. Am I Fundamentalist Church Servicecorrect in this sense?
Furthermore, is there an equal amount between the genders of young, medium, and seasoned souls? What about locations in the world? I know you mentioned before that most of Africa is inhabited by younger souls. Does that mean that blacks in general are younger souls as well?
Also, where in the world are most of the seasoned souls living currently? (I'd like to go visit there.) Thanks for all you do for the Explorer Race, Tom. I, and many others, really appreciate it.

Gaia, are most of the soul fragments who are fundamentalists in all Church Tent Revivalreligions younger souls in terms of Earth lives?

Yes, as you and your reader guessed, they do tend to be younger souls with a mixture of medium souls who may act as leaders as part of their service to the younger souls. General statements like this may require an analysis of each soul’s soul contracts to explore all the religions on Earth. They are sincere in trying to show their love for their version of the Creator. It’s just they do not take into consideration that many of the tenants of their religion came down through the ages through illiterate people doing their best to pass along teachings that were centuries old before them, or that there were people that changed the original teachings.
Are most hard line conservative politicians in that same younger soul mold?

Quite so since they come from the fundamentalist religions.
Are there equal amounts of genders in young, medium, and seasoned souls?

Yes, almost equal.
Is there a race on Earth with the majority of the soul fragments younger Old Soulsouls?

No, although you have previously been told that the majority of souls in Africa are younger, this equals out when we take in the whole world.
What place in the world would be considered to have the most seasoned souls?

Again, there is no place on Earth with a preponderance of seasoned souls. You would think it would be some place such as India, but in reality seasoned souls choose lives to further not only continuing to raise their vibrational levels but also to assist others in doing the same. It is the old saying of “one for all and all for one” as they know they must assist in raising or they will never achieve their goal. That’s why you keep coming back, Tom, as you keep pushing people along.
Gaia, is the Shinto religion older than the 6th or 8th century and did I have a life at the beginning?

You did have a life at the beginning, Tom, and the Shinto religion is Shinto Shrinemuch older than their records show, by several hundred—not thousand—years. Before that it was more shamanic in nature. You were one of the leaders of the movement.

Did I have a life with Confucius?

Yes, you were a good friend and were one of the first to recognize the power of his words and teachings.
Is Taoism older than the 4th century BC?Taoism

Much, much older. Again, it was one of the religions carried down through the centuries by illiterate people. You can add several thousand years to the age of this religion.
And I was around for the beginning?

Quite so. You would not have missed the formation of the religion.
And I assume the same would be said for the Yin and Yang?


Cynthia writes:
According to this article and others, Bill Gates has funded a chemtrail experiment to "help" with global warming. Tom; will Bill Gatesthis be successful or not?  Thanks for all you do! Click here.
Gaia, will Bill Gates’ funding of a chemtrail experiment help with global warming?

Yes, Tom, it is but one of many experiments—but being Bill Gates, he attracts news media attention. That is not to say it is not good, as it keeps in the public’s mind that there is this problem of global warming not just caused by one factor but many. It is all part of your learning and we applaud those who are trying to make a difference, when there are other people who claim nothing is happening. It is the yin and yang—the duality.
Ray writes:
Sir Ridley Scott, the film director, made the original Alien 1979 film, Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Martian and many other films. In recent years, he also has made two prequels to the original Alien film, Prometheus in 2012 and Alien: Covenant releasing this year in May Ridley Scott2017. He has already stated he wants to make more Alien films. The prequels of the Alien film deal with more of man's search of their creator, in this instance the race of ETs known as the "Engineers" in the film series.

My question naturally is, has Sir Ridley Scott had a life in the future already or is he just an artist with a strong interest in sci-fi? Click here.
Theo, has Ridley Scott had a life in the future prior to this current one?

Quite so. It was good that your reader recognized that part of his knowledge had to come from an advanced life on Earth.

Saw this on 48 Hours on CBS. Click here.
Theo, is the “Golden State Killer” [California] still alive, and if so, will he ever be caught?

No, he is not, Tom. His identity will never be known. Needless to say, he Golden State Killerwill have a number of lives ahead of him to balance, but at the same time some, but not all, the people he raped and killed were people that had done the same to him in a past life.
So, you are positive his identity will never be known?

Yes, they may get close one day through the DNA of a relative, but those that experienced his crimes must move on with their lives. I realize that is so much easier to say than do, but he will never return to harm them again.

Theo, does the number of letters in your name somehow correspond to 888your birthdate?

They can, but often do not. How is that for an answer? The number of letters in a name can help emphasize certain numbers in your birthdate. You noticed that there are 17 letters in your name, and adding one plus seven you get eight, and you have three eights in your birthdate. You can look upon the letters in a name as sort of an exclamation point.
I’ll end this newsletter with a Benevolent Prayer sent to me by my old Prayingfriend Robert Shapiro who channeled this. As you know by now, please say out loud:

"I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me be all around me and all about me now. Thank you."
Then say: "I request that all the love, support and happiness I need be provided to me now from all those who can help me to have what I want and need and for that to happen in the most benevolent way for me and result in the most benevolent outcome. Thank you."


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