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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 28, 2017

Tom T. Moore

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Gaia, am I correct in my understanding that everyone must experience drowning in at least one lifetime on Earth, and if so, what percentage of people living on Earth today have never experienced drowning in a past Drowninglife?

You are correct in your assumption. Fire is another, being killed by another person is yet another, illness is a quite common one.
So, percentages—let’s see if you can receive this—fully 75%, yes, that high—have never drowned in a past life. I know that number is amazing as you thought it would not be higher than 50%, but yes, it is quite high. That brings us to the present time where your souls are learning to have these cataclysmic events in order to check this off their bucket list. Even if the probability of this event goes to 100%, there will be many who will not be affected by the flooding that will take place, but yes, millions will.

That brings me back to the increase in ocean levels. Will it be higher, Rising Ocean Levelslower, or quite close to the 62 feet?

Higher, Tom.
Over 70 feet?

What number?

Let’s go with 75 feet for the time being. Let’s let that sink in. We can always adjust as we get closer to the event.
So, it will not be, say, over 100 feet?

Again, let’s use the 75 foot number. That is close enough for you and your readers to contemplate and understand the enormous effect on the world population.
Gaia, I was told last year that the Gordon Michael Scallion map is a low Gordon Michael Scallion Mapprobability. Does that still hold true?

Yes, Tom, the flooding and loss of land on the North American West Coast will not be that severe.
I did look at a rising ocean level map and it showed part of California’s Central Valley being flooded.

Yes, that will occur.
So, one more time, 62 feet is too low?

Yes, but not by too much. Stick with the 75 feet.
What is the probability of only a 10 to 12 foot rise in ocean levels, which Floodingwould still flood all the coastal towns and cities, and would still cause people to move to the interior?

Yes, that probability is quite low—less than 10%, Tom. It is a nice idea, but would not achieve all of what I need and your souls also need. But it is a probability. Again, as I have said before, the probability of the loss of coastal land is 59% at the present time and there are several years ahead.
What will be the rise in ocean levels in the next five years? You have already said it would be around 2.5 inches in 2018—what about 2019?

A little smaller, but not much – 2.25 inches let’s say.

1.5 inches.

A little more—2.0 for your purposes.Life Saving in Flood
And 2022?

3.4 inches.
We can adjust these numbers as we proceed, but you received fairly close.

So, none will be in the large category such as this year where you say the oceans will rise 12.5 inches.

That is correct.

This question came from Marie.
Any truth to the story that the military is moving facilities to the Ozarks Arkansas Military Exercisebecause the equator is bulging and there will be flooding due to a pole shift?

No truth whatsoever, Tom. That is another conspiracy theory, which is pretty obvious to those of your readers who have followed you for some time.
(Next session) Gaia, of the 41% probability that there will be no great West Coast quakes, what would be considered the highest of those probabilities?

It would simply be for it not to occur at all, with the reasoning that there will be a large migration away from the coasts.
But that requires some assistance, it seems to me, on your part, Gaia? New Orleans FloodingRising ocean levels certainly would fall in that category, and you already have said that the oceans will only rise around a foot in the next five years—not enough to really cause people to leave; and as you yourself stated, perhaps only 10% of the population will move due to the increased number and severity of the hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, as they are termed, in different parts of the world.

All of these will be put into play, Tom, but again there are many people who will move away with the approach of these storms and will move back after they pass to try and rebuild, thinking that this particular storm and that particular storm was just once in 100 years, not realizing they will be occurring every year, or two years or three years. Therefore, the probability does exist that the cumulative effect will cause more people to abandon the coasts of the world than we expect at present.
I’m asked, if the large quakes happen, will part of Southern California California Coastline Collapsedrop into the ocean?

Yes, that line formed by the San Andreas Fault would be a good starting point, but there are other faults geologists are just learning about.
What about the San Fernando Valley?

Flooding there.
Years ago you had told me you wished to lower the mountains and allow storms to sweep across the southwest and bring more rain to the desert areas of Arizona and New Mexico. Is that on the list?

Quite so, Tom. It is good that you remembered as the topography will change.
Will Baja California stay or sink?Baja California

It will detach from the coast is the highest probability at this time. It will not sink. But with the higher ocean levels it will appear to.
This question came from Ronald.
Gaia, will a number of people take up living in caverns?

No, that would be a very small probability at this time. Living in caverns will be the norm for those who wish to colonize Mars, but on Earth people are too used to living above ground. Living in caverns would only be an option if there would be nuclear wars, and that probability is less than 1%.
Margie asked this question:
Gaia, is Medford, Oregon far enough away from the West Coast?

Far enough, but will have infrastructure damage. Remind your readers, Tom, that they can request MBOs to be away when this even takes place. Then they only lose their possessions and not their lives.
For those of you who live on the North American West Coast, but for MBOwhatever reason do not plan to move, here is an MBO to say out loud:
“I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to be away when there are any earthquakes or tsunamis that could possibly harm me or my family, thank you!”
Michael wrote to me and said he couldn’t afford to move away from Southern California as he’s retired and on a fixed income. These suggestions may sound a little calloused, but do you wish to live the rest of your life in a shelter, or have something you can live in until you are able to reestablish yourself in another town or city?
Yes, request an MBO for money to make a move.
Still, at least you can request an MBO, if nothing else, to be away from L.A. when and if the disaster hits. Keep in mind that LESS THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE the West Coast quakes, Japan will have an 8.0 and another tsunami. That's when you know you have to leave.
Go to an RV or trailer rental place as close to the ocean as you can and Motorhome RV Los Angelesrent the largest you can afford. Head east at least as far as Albuquerque or even the DFW area. When the earthquakes happen, immediately find a trailer park as they will quickly fill. The rental place will probably be destroyed relieving you of the responsibility of paying for the rental. If it isn't destroyed, as least you will have a place to live because your house or apartment will probably be destroyed and you will not have to pay there. You'll be able to apply to FEMA for aid too. Keep in mind that you may be living in the trailer for a long time, so choose something you will have some space in.
Speaking of FEMA, as soon as you arrive at your new location, apply for Fema Refugee Centera job with FEMA. They will need thousands of employees to handle all the refugees. At least you’ll have a job. And stop paying any bills when the Japan earthquake/tsunami strikes. You’ll need money to live on. Close out your bank account and take your money with you, or at the very least transfer your money to a bank located in a city that would not be affected.
The only other possibility would be to buy or rent a large tent, but this should be a temporary option. You should move fast to put down a deposit on an apartment in the area you move to on the day the earthquakes begin.

Richard writes:
I have started visiting Guatemala in the last 12 months and I have made friends there and am thinking of living there some day. Guatemala is a country of Earthquakes and volcanos. Can Gaia tell us what is in store for this country for the next ten years? This country has many poor people what would be the best BP to say to bring change? Thank you for everything that do.
Gaia, what is the highest probability for Guatemala’s future during the Guatemala Earthquake Mapnext 10 years?

Your reader was or is mostly concerned about earthquakes and volcanoes and due to the fact this country is on the ring of fire it will experience devastating earthquakes during this time period. There is a lesser probability of large volcanic action. Still, your reader should request an MBO to move to the safest place for him and/or to not be in the area when there will be a large movement there. That should be the advice for anyone in an earthquake-prone area. If they cannot move, then request to be gone on vacation or for some other reason when the earth moves.
Regarding a BP to say, here is one for everyone to say OUT LOUD for Guatemala:
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist the leaders of Guatemala to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens of their country, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
Jean writes from Ontario, Canada:
If you and your people have time, could you ask how will the weather be this winter as well as the up-coming super-volcano for our new friends in Orillia, ON? I have never seen so many pine cones as we have this fall -- do the trees know something we don't?!
And thanks again, Tom, for all you do. When the Sedona Journal has Hwy 11 Ontario Canada In Wintertheir winter sale, I intend to add your most recent books, and replace the ones I've given away.

Gaia, what is the highest probability for a winter forecast for Ontario, Canada?

Tom, this will be a particularly harsh winter for those living in this section of North America. Where the lower 48, as it is called, will have quite varying temperatures during the winter, Ontario will experience more snow than last year. Stock up on heating supplies is my advice.
The big Winter Sale should start in their large November-December PREDICTIONS issue. That should be a great time to stock up on my books to give as presents to family and friends! [It's started--see SPECIAL NOTES at the tope of the newsletter.]

I cannot find the original Twitter @Gaia post, so here is one I could find.

Click here.
Gaia, were the tiny bodies with three fingers and toes found at Nazca Alien Skeletonsone of the experimental bodies by ETs or actual ETs?

Actual ETs, Tom. Their ship crashed and was eventually removed from Earth, but the tiny reptilian people who manned the craft were gently laid to rest in the manner of that time period by Earth people. So, they were not experimental bodies, although that was a good guess. Those people will again make contact one day in the future.Nazca Lines
Was that the origin of the Nazca Lines as they are called?

Yes and no. More will be revealed about these lines in the future, so I will not spoil the discovery for those who study such anomalies.
But again, you did receive me correctly. These bodies were not part of the Earth experimental bodies, and yes, as you were thinking, there are more.
For my new readers, Theo introduced me to one of the members of my soul “cluster” as he calls them (there are eight of us in the cluster). I was to find out that his name is Antura, and after 800 lives on Earth, mostly as an explorer (his soul interest), he’s back on his home water First Contactworld planet Nommo working as an explorer. He’s part of a “first contact” team that goes to emerging worlds to introduce themselves. In my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET he describes a visit to a desert planet and meeting with “sloth-like” beings who are still several thousand years from space travel.
He’s coming to Earth quite soon in one of those giant motherships that is three-miles-wide and 20-stories-tall, with a crew of 900, plus families, totaling 1,500. They will be replacing a Sirian ship on duty overhead—cloaked so that we can’t see them and be frightened—that has been taking thousands of readings per day. It seems we’re the big deal in not only our universe but others, as there are around 25 motherships overhead at any given time, including a couple from other universes. They all want to see how we were able to work with negative energy, when no one anywhere else has been able to. Here are more questions this week.

Antura in the wings, Tom.
Good morning and good life, buddy. Are you still in Sirius B?

Yes, Tom, but quite soon, as I said before. I know you gauge time Speeding timebecause Earth time is ten times faster, therefore many Earth days occur for each one of ours. So, one week in universal time here is actually approximately 70 Earth days. But it will be quite soon.

Have we reached that hard date with the Russians yet?

No, but again, that is right around the corner for them and for you.
Rachel writes:
I have a question to ask, if that's alright. This summer my mother and I have search the night sky looking for any presence of a UFO. There have been three separate nights where we've asked to see any indication of a UFO, and we believe we were given blinks and flashes of light from a UFO or scout ship. Tonight was one of those nights. Each of these times, one of the flashes they give us is very bright, usually when they are directly overhead, and then fading blinks UFO'sas they move through the sky. Could you please confirm that these flashes and blinks are UFOs, or are we mistaken? Thank you for all you do, blessings to you and your family!
Antura, did Rachel and her mother see ET craft on three separate nights?

Yes, they asked to see them and we also knew that they would write to you, so it was easy to give them the experience.
I might add that more people can have this experience simply by requesting MBOs just as they did and just as you have when you were in Sedona that time. It will not happen if they would be frightened. We do not wish to scare people, even though this is the season to be scared of ghouls and such. We marvel at how big a business putting on costumes and having fun has become. There is a lot of joy to be experienced.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my   Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and Crowded AirportBP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Pamela writes:
I was looking to book my airfares home for Thanksgiving, I had waited later than I usually book and all the flights were $1000.00 or more, I said an MBO for cheaper tickets and the next day when I got back on to book my flight the tickets were only $482.00 around trip with preferred seating and good seats too.
Gabrielle writes:
A good MBO outcome, today: I rang the Post Office call center to find out if an item I ordered online is on its way to me. (There have been some misunderstandings with the parcel-tracking and I'm trying to track down the parcel.)
I expected to wait a long time to speak to somebody. I said quietly to Call Centermyself,
"I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for speaking to the best possible person, for the person to be very helpful and very friendly, and for speaking to this person within the next 30 seconds, thank you!" "And may the results be even better than I could expect or anticipate, thank you!"
I had barely finished my request when a guy answered my call. He knew the postage system inside-out and gave lots of helpful information. I mentioned that the parcel contained an inexpensive camera and that I hoped to learn about photography. He was a former professional photographer! He answered all my questions about the camera, photography, and so much more. He was located interstate, but he provided information about camera shops and many other things in my home town! So much useful information. I could not believe it.
When the phone call concluded, my head was spinning. ​I remembered my MBO request. I thanked my wonderful Guardian Angel for providing an outcome that was
"even better than I could expect or anticipate!"
Mike writes from the UK:
RE: Al Capone
1. What is Al Capone's Soul Interest?
2. Is he incarnated now?

Click here.
Theo, what was Al Capone’s soul interest?

Yes, Tom, as you thought, it is government. You have to understand that Al Caponehe was running a city, just in a very corrupt and vicious way.
I assume there will be balancing, or did he keep closely to his soul contract?

Fairly close, but he did stray and will have to balance in several lives in the future. People in those positions tend to go overboard, shall we say, with the power they find themselves in. He was no different. Mixed in with the bad was also some good. He was a complex personality.
Is he incarnated in this time period?

Yes, a much quieter life as a civil servant, and again, there will be some balancing included in this life.
These questions came from Shelly, but try as I might, I could not locate the email.
Theo, is it possible using Reiki to obtain 20/20 vision?Reiki

No, Reiki has great benefits in using this energy, but reshaping the eyes requires using another energy available to you. You touched on it in Sedona when you meditated at the top of Bell Rock and felt yourself go into the rock. Afterwards your eyes had slightly improved to where your long vision was better.
Will cars bad for the environment be banned one day?

There is coming a time quite soon, Tom, when electric cars will be the primary means of personal transport and the old gas guzzlers will be limited to parades and car shows. Even this will fade in time as cars will Futuristic Carcontinue to evolve in appearance. Yes, some will have almost no aesthetic appearance as they will only be functional, while others will have quite different appearances with no longer the need for a large section of the car housing a gasoline engine.
Theo, are there guides for food and fitness?

There are for those in those professions. Otherwise, it is normally handled by your main guide. They and I can tap into the best regimens for each of our charges.
Michael writes:
RE: Men wearing Pink. It is been said that it takes a real man to wear pink. Pink is a feminine color. At what point in history did the idea originate that pink is or would be a feminine color and incidentally that it was inappropriate for men to wear as fashion?Man in Pink Shirt
RE: Smart men's shoes. According to women one of the most desirable attributes in a man's attire is smart shoes. Why is this, and is it because at some point in the distant past the most accomplished/wealthiest men would have had the best shoes?
RE: Having Six Pack Abdominals. Having a six-pack is probably the BIGGEST and best ideal a man could ever wish for. Where in history does having the perfect Six Pack Abs come from? Is it Ancient Greece, Atlantis or where?

Gaia, when in history was the color pink considered feminine?

Pink as a color is considered the color of love, so naturally it was put in the feminine category, and that from a very early age. It was not one point in history, but as colors of all types were developed, pink had a natural appeal to women. From the very early days it signified a baby Italian Men's Dress Shoesgirl.
Why are women today still impressed by a man who wears sharp looking shoes?

That’s an easy one, Tom. Have you noticed women’s attachments to the shoes they wear? How many thousands of styles they are attracted to—so it is only natural that a man who wears a stylish shoe will be noticed by those women who are attracted to and see someone who has the same interest in style that they do.Statue
How far back in history was a hard body—commonly known as a six-pack—considered the ideal form? Is this only in recent times, or does it date back in history to, say, Atlantean or Lemurian times?

Oh, certainly that far back and even more. Men had to train to fight to survive, so they had arduous training that over time resulted in very rugged muscular bodies and this was noted not only for their potential in battle, but by women who naturally noted the potential of him returning from battle in one piece.
Graham writes:
Gentleman Bastard Book Series.
What lifetimes is author Scott Lynch tapping into when writing his Scott LynchGentleman Bastard novels (currently 3 completed out of 7 novels)?
Click here.
Theo, what did author Scott Lynch tap into in his Gentleman Bastard series?

Yes, it would seem that he tapped into an alternate reality, but in reality he was tapping into past lives on Earth to which he was able to give a unique perspective. It was not so much from his lives on his home planet, although the setting in a way reflected this. So, he was combining a distant land with dramatic times he lived through on Earth.
Helen in Hawaii writes:
If you get a chance, read Panzer Commander. It is an autobiography of Colonel Hans von Luck (pronounced as Luke) (b.1911; d.1997).
It is about how he got started as a military officer, became a tank commander in WWII under General Rommel. Colonel von Luck fought Colonel Hans von Luckon all the fronts and ended up being captured by the Russians. He described his life before, during, and after the war.
Very rarely one gets to read history from the “losing side.” He wrote the book during the 1980s so I feel he has been able to view his feelings from the war and as a POW in the Russian gulag with some detachment. I had a hard time reading the POW chapters because of the terrible treatment of the POWs.
From a reincarnation point of view, it seems von Luck accomplished much balancing and also imparted compassionate actions in this life. He seemed to be an “old soul.” Would you ask Theo whether he is an “old soul” and whether his soul fragment would return to a peaceful life without war?

Theo, was Colonel Hans von Luck an older soul?

Yes, although you could say he was more in the early quadrant. He would be what we call a seasoned soul, but not an old soul.
RJ writes:
What do your guides think about this? Click here.War of the Worlds movie
Theo, was the drunk man arrested in Wyoming from 2048?

His first description should give you a hint, Tom. It made a good story, but I can assure you this falls into the tall tales category. You could say he tapped into an alternate reality that scared the life out of him.
George writes:
Questions on Professor Griff
1. Is Professor Griff living a good guy life or a bad guy life this time Professor Griffaround?
2. What is Professor Griff's soul contract regarding his lectures and information on the Illuminati?

Click here.
Theo, what is Professor Griff’s soul interest?

Music, Tom. Just expressing a different form in this time period.
Is he a young or old soul?

Younger, shall we say. Not his first go round, but he still has many, many lives to go.
Is he balancing a good or bad life this time around?

Being a young soul, he has not learned enough yet to be compassionate about other beliefs. He will have to balance those errant beliefs in a future life.


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