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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

October 15, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcome Backwelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
I hope you are enjoying these newsletters. Have you told your friends about them? And keep sending me your MBO stories. I need at least four to six each week for my Saturday Blog.

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SpeakingIn November I’ll be speaking in Ft. Worth, Texas, at the Satori Group.
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The Roku TV channel had to go off the air when they lost their one editor due to medical problems. They have now posted the first episode of my series THE TELEPATHIC WORLD OF TOM T. MOORE on YouTube at Please keep in mind that this episode, at around 25 minutes, was a one-take for me and Telepathycould have been more professional. The second episode has also now been posted on the Origin of The Gentle Way.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Gaia, why do the people of Haiti have soul contracts to experience such Hurricane Destruction in Haitimisery from earthquakes, pestilence, and hurricanes? Is it because they are quite young in terms of Earth lives?

Quite true, Tom. These souls chose to check off several things on their bucket list as you and other people term it. Most of the souls having lives there are quite young in terms of Earth lives—under 100. So, not only do they experience these severe events, they also learn how to cope with poverty, constantly rebuilding and learning reliance that they can survive and rebuild their lives over and over again if need be. It gives them a firm base to know that if they can handle all of that in one life, they can handle anything they will encounter in other lives.
Loni writes:
I'm wondering with back to back hurricanes on the eastern seaboard, what are the chances that mosquitoes (especially Zika-carrying ones) have been driven out of the country and destroyed? Not knowing what happens to insects with such weather, it would be advantageous if these hurricanes helped to clear further spread of the virus.
Gaia, do the hurricanes and cyclones sweep an area of the mosquito Mosquitoespopulation, or does it just increase the number with all the standing water left?

Good question from your reader, Tom. Certainly the existing population is wiped away if they do not find shelter in houses and buildings untouched by the storm. But they are a resilient insect, Tom, and larva untouched by the storm begins their population anew and the standing water quickly swells their population again. You might call it wishful thinking on the part of humans to think that the mosquitoes will be swept away never to be seen again.
They, like all of creation, have a purpose, or the Creator would not have allowed their presence on Earth. As we have said before, but I remind you, Creator loves every single insect, human, animal, bird, and so on in this creation. The mosquitoes have their purpose on Earth and one of them is to be a carrier of diseases so that you humans will learn how to cure them, which will aid you many years from now as you encounter these same diseases on other worlds. It is all in the master plan, you can say. That is another reason why you must take it slow in reaching the stars, as you cannot have your explorers wiped out on a planet where these diseases exist.

Theo, what is the probability of the Russian hackers interfering with the U.S. elections?

They have already interfered to some degree, but the highest probability Hackeris that these cyber attacks will be kept to a minimum, with little overall effect on the outcome of the elections.
What, then, is the probability of the U.S. releasing information it has hacked about the Russian Government and/or Vladimir Putin?

Here the probability is higher, as some information will be released that will tell the Russians we have more if they wish to continue these cyber attacks. What they release will be seen by the Russians as the tip of the iceberg.
With news reports this week saying that Donald Trump had adopted a “scorched earth policy” against his own Republican Party, I asked this TV Networkabout his future after the elections.
Theo, what is the probability of Donald Trump starting a new TV network after the elections?

Quite high, Tom—currently in the 70% category, but rising. He has attracted a certain number of people with his radical beliefs, so the network will reflect those people’s views. It will be another niche network.
In both my last two books—
FIRST CONTACT and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA, I went into detail about our 12 parallel lives that Theo calls Time Lines. The time lines are in groups of four, and then subdivided into groups of two. We’re on Time Line 6, the middle frequency, and coupled with Time Line 5. I had another question about the differences in time lines.
Gaia, a question about personal relationships on close time lines. I Alternate Time Lineswould assume that your personal relationships, such as who you are married to or partnering with, would have to be the same in order for there not to be too much disarray when time lines merge for short periods of time. Is that correct?

That is entirely correct, Tom. The large differences in lifestyles, where you live and your personal relationships show up quite differently in the groups of four as those frequencies are much more separate or wider apart than those within the group of four. Therefore, there are almost no differences in relationships between close time lines. If there appears to be one, then a person on one time line will be held up from making a change until after the time lines split so that the other can catch up. That person will sort of be blinded for a short period of time, or a volatile situation will be calm for that period of time.

Colleen writes:
So, can you dig out the no-nonsense facts about astrology? Who invented it, where did it come from, how did the originators know to assign the elements and attributes? What is its highest value if there is any to the average citizen?? What questions do Astrologywe need to be asking that we are not? I find it rather difficult to believe it even as a science, pseudo or otherwise?? Yet, within this newsletter, Gaia or someone is saying…?? Eager to hear what there is to learn. Yes— I know the zodiac signs do seem to be accurate… but??? Many other “why” and “how” questions — LOL. Just color me from Missouri.
Gaia, you said in the past that ETs taught astrology to both the Mayans and the Chinese. Did they teach astrology to all the races seeded or did astrology migrate from, let’s say, these two centers?

Good question, Tom. No, this knowledge was given to all the races including the Egyptians, Atlanteans, Lemurians, and Caucasians. Some chose to use this tool more than others. But this tool was given equally to all. It was one of several tools given to try and assist you in dealing with hard lives on Earth. Then, individually, people decided to use this tool or reject it as nonsense and go about their lives without the benefit of knowing more about themselves, others, and transits of planets, the moon, stars, the sun and so on. The Gentle Way falls under this, in a way, as some people benefit from its use every day and others reject it Astrology Chartas hocus pocus or some other such nonsense. Each person has their own soul path in each life.
You have said previously that astrology shows divine intent in the planning of lives prior to birth. What other benefits can you list?

Tom, each individual chart shows a person’s aptitudes and weaknesses. It gives you a blueprint of what you can work on in this life while reminding you of the planning that goes into each life on Earth. Astrology can also give you information about relationships —those that will be beneficial and loving and those that are diametrically opposed in their thinking or actions in comparison to yours. Everyone should learn more about astrology and have their own individual chart done. You will see your connection to past lives and what you need to work on in this life.Dallas Cowboys & Pittsburg Steelers
And I’ve mentioned several times in past newsletters how astrology helped me be the first tour operator in Dallas to ever run a tour of over 300 people to Miami the first time the Cowboys ever went, which made us a sizable sum in those days. I had reserved 300 airline seats a year in advance based on an astrologer’s prediction.

To read what I’ve previously received about Astrology, please go to my Articles and News page at and then on the right hand column a Google Search box will appear in a few seconds. You can search for any topic for more information.
Theo, will a private company be the first to colonize Mars?

Not the first, Tom, but shortly thereafter they will begin operations. Rocket Landing on MarsThere will be people that are sent on ahead to begin building an infrastructure for colonization. During this exploration of where best to set up a colony, those caverns we have mentioned in the past will be discovered, and that will mark the beginning of a flood of colonists who will see that there is water and even vegetation and edible creatures there.
What is the probability of there being over one million colonists on Mars?

That is not too fanciful an idea—just not in one location. They will need to be spread out in various locations where there is room for their small Mars Colony Concepttowns or settlements.
What is the highest probability of when that will occur?

Give it 100 years, Tom, as there will be limits on how many people will be able to travel on a spaceship and the ability of Mars to be able to accommodate that many people. Much, much more will be learned during that time as great leaps in knowledge will allow more and more people to live there or even visit it like a tourist destination.
Here is a good article in the Los Angeles Times that was just published this week on how NASA and the private companies may team up to colonize Mars.
Antura is my “brother on another planet” who’s a member of my soul group. He’s had 800 lives on Earth, so he’s a very “seasoned” soul in First Contactterms of Earth lives. Before his next life on Earth, he’s having a life back on our water planet in the Sirius B Star System as part of a “first contact” team coming to Earth in the next few months on one of those big, mile-long motherships with a crew of 900.  You can read a whole description of the mothership in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.  Last newsletter, he said they were installing modules for all of the different types of “people” I’ll call them. Here are more questions this week.
Good life, Antura, and I trust your family is doing well.

Quite so, Tom.
They will not be coming with you to Earth? I can’t recall asking…

No, they will not. In universal years, I will not be gone that long as, keep in mind, our lives are much longer, plus they know this is my work and, though they will miss me, they understand I have an important job to do this time around as we head for Earth. They know I’m excited, so they are excited for me.
Antura, are there two or three others on your grass roots team who will ET Spacecraftbe contacting humans, and will these people be invited on board, or will they simply make physical contact?

More on the physical contact side, Tom. There will be some governmental types and scientists that will make short visits should they individually choose to do so, but many people would be too frightened and would think they are being abducted. That is not our purpose. There are two more in my group that have this assignment.
Have these people been channeling these team members?

Quite so. They, overall, do not publish these conversations as you do. The majority of the people all live in different countries around the world. Yes, India is represented, as you were thinking, among the list.
Have the Russians disclosed on the upper time lines yet?

Not yet, but quite soon I’m told—perhaps before the end of the year.
Teresa in Austin, Texas, writes:
The Dalai Lama spoke in Strasbourg, Dalai LamaFrance, on September 17 and 18, last month, and asked all religions to respect each other and to look for the similarities rather than the differences. He also said to respect even the religions "from other worlds." Was this a reference to our friendly ETs? Does the Dalai Lama have regular contact with ETs?
Antura, is the Dalai Lama in touch with ETs?

Quite so, Tom. Keep in mind that not only is he an old soul, but is the spiritual leader of many thousands of people. He was contacted during one of his meditations and the contact has continued. Obviously, he cannot say too much about this, just hints.
Karen writes:
Thanks so much for this wonderful newsletter and all that you do! I watched this video recently (caution--rough language at the beginning), and because the first anomaly he talks about happened in Texas, I thought you might be particularly interested. My questions, perhaps for Antura, are:
1. What is the vertical red anomaly that was filmed in Bridge City, Texas? There is a weather phenomenon known as "Red Sprites" that discharge vertically up from thunderclouds and are brighter in the middle, but they rarely appear singularly and happen so high up in the UFOsatmosphere that they usually can't be seen from the ground. Did these people see a red sprite or is it something else, like a "portal" mentioned by the narrator?
2. Did the woman, from nearby Port Arthur, Texas, experience an EMP pulse and was it related to the previous anomaly and/or of ET origin?
3. Are the next two items in the video triangular UFOs (one moving and the other a still photo) or something else?
4. Did the clusters of dead birds die because they hit cloaked UFOs, as the narrator claims, or if not, what did kill them? Scientists claim clusters like that usually die from the West Nile Virus, but it's odd in this case that the birds ended up on a highway. Also, is the photo he shows really a cloaked UFO or CGI?
Antura, are the red streaks above Bridge City, Texas, caused by ETs?UFO Sighting

No, Tom in this case they are not. You would have to ask your own government about those.

What about the cars whose electrical systems were shut down near Port Arthur?

Again, one of your government’s top secret aircraft was operating in that area and were testing out equipment that caused these problems and, yes, even the birds that suddenly littered the highway in Austria were not caused by ETs but by Earth-based aircraft. We are under strict rules not to damage the environment. You have a lot of testing going on right now by various governments, so there are a number of anomalies being seen that are not being caused by ET space craft.
Was the photo of the UFO real or photoshopped?

Real, Tom.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Tom writes:
I have a very dear friend that has been unable to get over a Breakuppretty nasty break-up; been going on for 14 months now. He texted me on Saturday morning saying he is still having trouble with the funk; I texted back that I was going to call and to please pick up the phone. In the meantime, I said a BP for him. I asked that this funk would dissolve so he could be "in the moment" as Saturday night was his 40th class reunion and Monday he was to get grandchild #4! He picked up the phone and within a couple of minutes all negative feelings dissipated, he had a great time at his reunion and his new granddaughter is an absolute beauty!!! We chat daily and his entire outlook on everything has changed for the better!!!

Now, for an MBO...I was doing something I shouldn't have in a place I Clogged Dreainshouldn't have been (the story of my life) and a drain got clogged in the worst possible way. I could tell where the clog was, so it was nothing to untighten the pipes, flush it out and be done. Not so quick!!! I couldn't get the pipes to line back up when trying to put them back together! I worked at it for almost an hour and gave up. Momentarily anyway. I said an MBO to get everything to line up again and when I went back to the situation, everything lined up perfectly on the first try. Drains running like nothing happened!

She asked me to change her name, so Candie in Canada writes:
I have Sedona Journal of Emergencebeen reading your articles for two years in the Sedona Journal. We have a family cottage in a trust that is expiring and needs to be “unwound,” and a large sum of capital gains tax to be paid to the Canadian government within the next year, as well as a large sum of legal fees to do this and set up a new trust to keep the property safe for another 21 years for our two children and my three nieces, as well as my brother and I.
I was worried we would have to sell this magical cottage property on a private lake that has been in our family since before we were born.
I started buying a lottery ticket twice weekly in order to win enough money to pay the capital gains and keep the cottage in the family, and was saying an MBO when I bought the ticket, most times when I remembered. I mostly just said MBOs for driving safely only at that time. I was using my own numbers I had chosen as I saw someone on TV, who had won the NY lottery seven times (!), say never use quick picks, use your own numbers.
Then, in late August, my husband found a notebook of his late aunt’s Canada Lotterywith a note for a Florida Lotto and six numbers, so I took that as a sign and started using those numbers. In mid-September, I was not feeling well and almost forgot to buy a ticket for the draw that night. I was at my car and just wanted to go home, but said to myself I had better go back into the store even though I didn’t feel like it, because if my husband’s aunt’s numbers came up I would never forgive myself. After going back in and buying the ticket,
I said an MBO to win the lottery and also said to myself the reason I hadn’t won before was because I felt I didn’t deserve it, but now I had done enough work clearing things out on myself that I felt I DID deserve it.
You’ll never believe this,
but we won $1 million in the guaranteed additional prize which was a random number (not the aunt’s numbers). But I would not have bought the ticket that day if I had not wanted to miss the draw in case her numbers came up. We are still processing this internally and getting over the shock, as you can imagine. We are self-employed in a home business and can now keep the cottage in the family as well as stay in our home when and if we do retire (I am 60). We enjoy working and being busy and have no desire to retire at this time.
I have since bought your book The Gentle Way II and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
I am starting to use MBOs in my daily life now.
In my THE GENTLE WAY I, I related the story of winning half of $8,500 of Cruise Ship Bingoa cover-all Bingo pot on a Caribbean cruise, but that’s the most I’ve won, as my Guardian Angel Theo tells me that you have to have it on your soul contract to win huge amounts of money or to inherit it.
In my case, it not only paid for the cruise, but with a 50% discount offered to everyone on board because of a water leak on another deck, we took the same cruise the following year. In Candie’s case, this took care of retaining a family property for decades to come. There was a specific reason she needed the money. She won what she needed, not hundreds of millions of dollars.

Lesley writes:
Were Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti extraterrestrials? He is depicted as having a pot belly and very different features from the people of that time.
Were their heads really elongated or were they just depicted that way Queen Nefertitibecause of the shape of their crowns?
It has been suggested that the body they have that is supposed to be Akhenaten, may not be him. If it is not him, will his mummified body (and Nefertiti's) be found any time soon?

Theo, were Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti ETs with elongated heads or was it the crowns that they wore that gave them that appearance?

They desired to look more like the ETs that everyone saw, at times, as it gave them the appearance of power. They did not have elongated heads.

Is the mummified body his or another?

Another, Tom. They misidentified the remains.
Emily writes from the UK:
I have more questions on what I'd describe again as “complicated sex questions.”
1. Did kissing originate before the explorer race?
2. I read an article a while back about parents still kissing their adult Kissing Couplechildren on the lips (as supposedly a sign of affection). Is parents kissing their children on the lips really a subliminal pseudo-incestuous act? As in, the parents sexually desire their children?
Theo, did kissing originate before the Explorer Race?

Yes, Tom, all forms of greeting have been used by the millions of other societies out there.
On Earth, this practice was carried over by some societies and shunned Kissing Daddyby others. It is, after all, a sign of friendship and love, but also there is the sexual side of it that raises the excitement of having intercourse. Some societies try to control its use.

Is kissing your child on the lips simply done as a sign of affection and love, or is there a side of some sort of incestuous desire?

It can be both, but typically only the former. It is a small percentage of people with that desire.
Clara writes:
I am very interested in this [requesting MBOs] and have already had some success with small things. But I was wondering if this method could be used to help me with dream recall and lucid dreaming. I've been trying for years to remember my dreams, with no success. I've tried so many methods and since I've actually had success with MBOs for smaller things, I am hoping that I can apply this to dreaming.

There is no other manifestation method I've used that works for me. DremingThis is the first time I've had anything work that fast for me, only a few hours after requesting it. I was so excited. I know that I'm going to have to keep practicing to build up my confidence.
You can use requesting MBOs for anything, including dream recall. I've been recording my dreams since 1979, so a couple of suggestions:
1. Buy a notebook with, let's say, at least 120 pages--a positive affirmation that you plan to fill it;
2. Put a small flashlight or some sort of night light next to it so that you can write them down in the middle of the night (in the bathroom if it would disturb your partner);
3. I also have on my nightstand a copy of DREAMER'S DICTIONARY by Dreamer's DictionaryLady Stern Robinson and Tom Corbett. These were channeled dream symbols that seemed to me to be better, but you can go to a book store and read a couple of other books;
4. I write the next day's Date and City--again a positive affirmation that you plan to write your dreams down;
5. Then request an MBO to remember your dreams that night.
I wrote an article about recording your dreams, which you can read at
I thought you all would enjoy these emails sent to me from those who live in Florida and were in the path of Hurricane Matthew.
Tosca writes:
I have a great MBO. My immediate family and I live in Florida where hurricane Matthew caused havoc. As soon as I heard that the storm was coming, I said the MBO that you printed in your newsletter and continued asking for protection for every bird, every animal, every person, every tree and all property. On Wednesday, all attention was focused on “The Storm.” By 7PM, almost every TV station Hurricane Matthewwas frantically reporting the horrors – people were told to evacuate – addresses of shelters were continuously shown on every screen – people were warned that some bridges would be closed, and if they didn’t leave on time they would be left behind on their own. The atmosphere was sheer panic.

On Thursday by 3PM, every business and gas station was closed – everything was totally shut down. We kept receiving messages from family members in other states sending prayers and asking to keep in touch. The storm hit our area Friday morning. In one of your newsletters, you mentioned thanking Gaia for the gentle rain and I did just that.
I thanked Gaia on and off all day long for the gentle rain and the gentle winds. Our area never lost power – we didn’t even lose a tree – we and our pets and our property were all safe and protected. Thank you, Tom, for teaching us “The Gentle Way.”

Eleanore writes from Vero Beach (on Florida's East Coast): It is Sunday Vero Beach Hurricane Sense of Humormorning and all of a sudden it dawned on me I hadn't read the newsletter on Friday. We were in the throes of the aftermath of Matthew. Here, in my complex, we sustained only the loss of one tree and nothing more. I, of course, had done MBOs that there would [be] that outcome and it was. The one miraculous thing that occurred was just that. We had one small tree split right in half and each side fell forward and embraced the car parked in front of it. When the owner backed the vehicle out of that spot, it didn't have a scratch on it!! I don't know if she thanked [anyone] for her good fortune, but I did (silently) for her. That was the first MBO result.
The second was when we experienced the loss of power. While thousands of Floridians were without power, and some still are, we had a return of service after having it leave on Thursday, the 6th at 11:30, and return on Friday by 7:30.

Emily writes from Florida:
I would like to deeply thank each of you who Hurricane Matthewsaid BPs for Hurricane Matthew to shift east away from the coast. According to my understanding, this shifting happened about 10.00PM or so last night. This change of direction saved the coastal communities from much loss and destruction. We were heard and blessed indeed. I am beyond grateful for the ability to say and believe in BPs. I, for one, must have said BPs and MBOs on a consistent basis for close to three days. I refused to waiver by any news I kept hearing...never gave up and knew the results would be favorable. Thank you, Tom, for sharing this info with all of us. Have a very blessed day all of you.


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