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BREAKING NEWS:  I had a dream last night of Suicide Bombers Vestseveral suicide bombers getting together, including older people and a young woman with explosives underneath her skirt who got on a boat.  One older guy with a black bag went up an elevator to a top floor and the explosion rained debris down on the street below.  If you have not said this Benevolent Prayer, please do so now, and if you have SAY IT AGAIN!

“I ask any and all beings to assist in preventing any terrorist attacks in Europe and anywhere in the world in the upcoming months, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.
Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Gaia, will there be any more 7.0 or higher earthquakes for the west coast of Central or South America this year, and any more 6.0 or higher quakes for Japan this year? Plus I believe you said the probability was low this year for an 8.0 quake for Japan and for North America—is that still the case?

Ecuador EarthquakeYes, the probability is fairly high for there to be a 7.0 or higher earthquake on the west coast of Central and South America. If you recall, Tom, I had said South America would be prone to one or more major earthquakes this year as I shift the continental plates. This is just a natural phenomenon, but due to the higher density of the world population more people are affected, including soul contracts to be injured or killed.

This was not happenstance, Tom, may I remind your readers. Every person affected in any way by the earthquakes had it on their soul contracts—whether it would be simple or major damage to their homes, or for injuries or death. So there will be more than one earthquake in Central and South America this year that will be considered catastrophic.

Japan EarthquakeRegarding Japan, I had said the probability is low this year for the 8.0 earthquake accompanied by a tsunami that would be not quite as large as the previous one, but still large enough to go fairly far inland as the one that accompanied the 9.0 earthquake. That remains the case. But still, Japan sits squarely on what humans term the “Ring of Fire” and is prone to frequent earthquakes. These last two will not be the last with a strength of 6.0 or higher this year.

Can I assume the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador were connected, although geologists do not think so?

Ring of FireOf course they are connected, Tom. The geologists simply do not have the instruments yet to see my inner workings for a simple explanation. It will be many years before they do, so don’t be concerned. They must have mysteries to be solved so they do not become bored. To put it into perspective, they only have about 10 to 12% of the knowledge they will eventually learn.

Naturally, those who live on the west coast of North America are nervous, Gaia. What is the probability for larger earthquakes this year?

Again, as stated before, Tom, the probability is low. That does not mean it will stay low forever. I have repeatedly told your readers not to live on that coast, not only because of the rising ocean levels, but because they live on a major fault system that will move again sooner than later—just not this year. Don’t say I did not warn them.


What is the highest probability, Gaia, for the summer for the plain states—an average summer or what?

Rain on the PlainsMore or less average, with temperatures seasonal, but with a little more rain than average.

What about the northern part of the USA?

Cooler than normal and with higher precipitation. In case they have not noticed, the weather patterns are changing for the northern part of the USA and the lower part of Canada.

What about the west coast of North America?

Seasonal, but with the Pacific Northwest having cooler temperatures with more rain than normal. It will be a wet summer for them.


Laura writes: Question for newsletter. More on sugar subject. Fruit is pretty taboo in dietary guidelines for every disease. But fruit is sooo healing. It seems like fruit and fruitfulness is important not only for healing, but in on all levels and is pretty sacred. Should fruit be equated with sugars and also be eliminated as most people believe or is it part of the reason disease is up and fruit consumption is down? The "experts" don't separate the fruit sugar from the others.

FruitGaia, how should we look at sugar contained in fruit compared to that in such things as sodas and food?

Yes, Tom, too much sugar in any form can be detrimental to your health. That said, obviously the natural vitamins contained in fruits should make fruit part of your daily diet. Those sugars will be processed by your body, but again, if you were to consume large amounts of fruit each day this would have an adverse effect on your body. Therefore, consume moderate amounts in your daily diet while totally rejecting sodas and junk food, which contain harmful amounts of sugar along with many other chemicals also detrimental to your bodies.


Last week in the April 16 newsletter I asked about time travelers from our future. You can read these questions at That led me to think of more questions, and then Mantej in the UK and Aravind in Australia came up with more. So here we continue.

Time TravelTheo, I think we opened a can of more questions on the time travelers. Would they be the same as what are known as the “travelers”?

Not the same, but a good guess, Tom. These time travelers are researchers, and anthropologists would be their best description. Keep in mind that as I have mentioned before, by the 3400 hundred era there will only be one race of humans and not five as there are these days. There will be people who wish to study these differences.

How far in the future do these time travelers work from?

Yes, much farther in the future than just the 3400 era.

Would you say they come from five thousand years ahead, more or less?Time Travel

A little less, Tom, but not a lot. Keep in mind that your souls wish to have the time lines in place for quite a long time in the future.

Yes, but that should not prevent someone on time line 6 in the future to follow the time line all the way back to, at a minimum, this era.

That’s correct, Tom. But you had the idea that these time travelers would be able to access all the time lines, and even in that far era your souls do not wish you to hop back and forth between time lines because, naturally, you will all wish to choose the easiest life and there would be no learning and growth for your soul.

You said that this time period is interesting to them. Are we speaking about the 20th and this part of the 21st centuries?

20th CenturyCertainly all of the 20th century and then this century you will see that many changes will take place in a fairly short period of time as don’t forget one of their studies will be the increase in time moving at a faster rate and how this was handled.

Are there any time travelers on Earth right now in this time period?

Yes, again not so many. Less than five at any moment in time.

I would assume they have the look of the combined races?

Quite so. They are distinctive in their own way, but are able to use simple disguises to lessen their appearances.

Are they taller or shorter?

They would be considered somewhat taller than average, and certainly in good shape. They eat correctly.

World MoneyHow do they obtain money to work with?

Yes, your idea of bringing small amounts of gold with them would seem practical, but of course by then they will be able to duplicate any money in the world including the correct paper or coins they need. You could call it counterfeit, but the money is perfect and can enter the money stream in small amounts.

I assume that includes their shoes and clothing?

Quite so. They know enough about these eras to be able to dress appropriately for each decade in order to generally follow the trends of dress, not only for, say, western society, but also for eastern society as well.

Cultural RevollutionI would think they would stand out in, let’s say, China during the Cultural Revolution.

Yes, but again they do have sophisticated disguises should they need them to blend in with any society—not just simple ones as mentioned before.

What about languages?

By then, they will have the tiny universal translators that Antura and other ETs use. They will not have to learn each language that exists in the world today.

How do they travel from their era to ours—spacecraft or some sort of portals?

Space CraftThey are able to travel by spacecraft up and down the time spectrum.

I assume they park them somewhere; how do they disguise them?

It will be quite easy at that time to be able to cloak a spacecraft. These are small, but with the needed power and instruments.

Has anyone ever gotten stuck?

No, there has never been a problem. Their equipment is far beyond this era.

How do they interact with the population?

They are more observers and do not interact unless they must in order to rent a hotel room, visit a restaurant, and so on. They are here to study, and to answer a question from one of your readers; they never get involved romantically with someone.

AnthropologistDo they concentrate on events or simply the overall lives of those in the time period they are studying?

They do take in events, but their main purpose is anthropological studies. You could compare it to anthropologists today living with a native tribe in the jungle to study them.

Any special equipment they bring with them?

As mentioned before, the translators. Sometimes they have equipment to take readings, but these are carefully disguised to appear as something quite normal such as a computer during this time period.

How do they prepare?

They are able to use learning devices that download large amounts of information directly to their brains about an era they wish to study.

President KennedyCould they change the future if they wanted to?

Yes, but they know if they tried someone would come back and whisk them away just before they did something to change the future.

Do they work singly or in groups?

Normally they work singly. They do not spend more than a few weeks—sometimes just days—before returning back. Bear in mind that they are at a higher vibrational level and they have to protect themselves to a certain extent as do the ETs. They are able to regenerate at night in their hotel rooms.

I decided to volunteer for their studies, so this is what I said to Theo:

Theo, will I ever have the opportunity to meet with a time traveler from our future?

You have once before, but not in this life.

I would think that it would be safer to meet with me now and be able to ask questions they would not be able to ask, or do they simply read minds?

Yes, I will pass it along and let them decide if a visit to you will warrant more knowledge than they can obtain out in the field, shall we say.

I’m just saying I can accept them for who they are, so they do not have to hide in plain sight anymore.

Note taken. Again, I will pass this along and let them make the decision.


Antura, for my new readers, is an ET who Theo introduced me to in 2008. I was to First Contactdiscover that he’s a member of my soul “cluster”— one of eight. Our soul cluster volunteered for the “Earth Experiment,” so Antura has already had 800 lives on Earth, primarily as an explorer, whereas my soul interest is religions. I’ve asked him hundreds of questions, many of which you can read in my book FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are the questions I posed in the last week.

Abe Sapien - Hellboy MoviesAntura, are there any amphibians from our water planet that are in the 7th focus?

No, not at this time. Those will be decisions we will make, but it is in our far future. We have much to do.

Antura, are there beings living in Earth’s interior that have their own spacecraft?

Yes, but they are never seen because their focus is much higher.

Are any of the spacecraft we call UFOs from our distant future?

Occasionally, but in reality, Tom, 99% or more of what is seen are what you term ET spacecraft.

Antura, in the original Star Wars was there ever a ground war or was the war always fought with spacecraft?

Ground WarYes, there were some ground clashes when the reptilians took over a world for their resources. The beings that lived on these planets were quickly subjugated as the reptilians came “armed to the teeth,” to use that expression, and so the locals were no match for the warriors the reptilians sent to secure the parts of the world they wished to exploit.

[I’m changing her name to Sharon for privacy] writes: I recently watched an interview you had with Regina Meredith in 2014 and have been reading your weekly newsletters. I was hoping that maybe you could help me settle, and possibly move on, from an issue that's been stirring in me for some time now. I'm sure that you're incredibly busy, so I'll try and keep this short.

Alien AbductionGrowing up, I've had some strange and interesting experiences with spirit beings. But as a teenager, I had an unexplainable, paralysis-type experience in my bed at night. I felt as though I had a great pressure lay upon me. I was completely conscious and at the same time, I had no ability to move at all. At a certain point, I remember making every attempt to call (more like scream) out to my parents for help. Then, as quickly as it started, it ended, and I was sitting bolt up in bed convincing myself that it was a bad dream and that I should go back to bed.

A few years later I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and have had very erratic menstrual cycles that would sometimes be as far as 4 months apart.

Eventually, I started to develop a weird need to not want to leave the house. I got fortunate enough to work for a company that didn't mind that I work remotely. Before long I started to develop weird anxieties about a multitude of things, including driving, being around other people, and worrying about natural disasters (I live in California/”Earthquake "Country). At one point, I had attempted to reach out to Mary Rodwell after reading a list of possible abductee symptoms on her website. However, her schedule and, of course, distance made it difficult to get any clear answers.

Alien AbductionI know that there could be other explanations, and I'm not trying to pass accountability for my lifestyle and choices. But I can't shake the idea that there's a chance that all of this could be tied to a possible abduction (or many). If I was, then I want to face it and move on with my life. If I wasn't, then I want to let it go and move on with my life. Either way, I'm tired of living in a semi state of fear/anxiety.

If you could offer some assistance in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it!

Antura, was [Sharon] an abductee in California?

Quite so, Tom, but not the DNA they were looking for. Still, it was a frightening experience that she needs to bring to the surface through hypnosis. It will relieve her of being frightened to go outside and interact with people. I highly recommend that she do this.

And she should start writing down her dreams in the morning each day. This will help open up those memories.


This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Handicap ParkingBill writes from Texas:
I have been having problems with my iPhone and was making my third trip to the North Park Shopping Center in Dallas seeking assistance. I always ask for an MBO for a safe trip and a parking place up close. Due to health issues, I have handicap parking. When I got to North Park today, there wasn’t a parking space available. I saw an elderly man getting out of a van and getting a walker out of the back for someone. I then realized more of what benevolent meant. About 50 feet away was an open parking place. I was in better shape to walk that distance than the other person who just pulled in.

I smiled and thanked my GA for doing such a good job in answering my request. This was just another way my GA is teaching me how the MBO’s whole picture is not always available for us to witness.
I love knowing how MBOs work not only for me, but for all of us.

Thank you, Tom, for teaching this valuable process, and thank you to our GAs for teaching us further. It makes life a more pleasant adventure.


Lee writes: I had a few errands to do the other day and before I went out I said my MBOs for a safe trip, everything to go smoothly, blah, blah, blah, and may the outcome be better than I could hope for or expect. Got in my car and left for the first store. First, the light at the corner seemed to stay red longer than normal before it changed. I got to the store and found what I needed; on the way to the register I saw DVDs on sale--two for $10 and picked out two that I thought my grandson would enjoy. Got up to the register and it was one mess up after the other. I ended up leaving without the DVDs and being a little bit irritated. I had picked up packing tape to tape shut a box I needed to mail. I couldn't get the tape to feed through the slot so I could tear off the pieces I needed. Finally, after what seemed like an unnecessarily long ordeal, the package was ready for posting.

Post OfficeDrove to the post office and there was no parking, so I ended up parking across the street in an empty lot and getting in line for 25 minutes to mail a "stupid" package. I don't usually get irritated, just go with the flow, but the slow moving line was getting aggravating. I realized my agitation and made a conscious effort to focus on calming down and accepting whatever was going to happen. With that, the line seemed to move faster and when it was my turn the postal employee was so pleasant and helpful that I thanked her and said it was the easiest thing I had done all day! She smiled and thanked me for the kind words!

MBOI left and continued on to my last two errands, which were wonderful experiences with helpful, kind people, and the trip back home seemed faster than usual. Later in the afternoon,
it dawned on me that when I said my MBO in the morning it was almost routine (blah, blah, blah) and not very sincere in the thoughts and actions while saying it, and the first part of my day reflected that back to me. When I changed my attitude my day changed for the better instantly. I definitely will not take MBOs for granted and will say them purposely and with intent from now on. Lesson learned! Thank you for all you do!

(I know this is long, but I wanted to tell you that
I realized how important the nature of how one says an MBO is just as important as the MBO itself). Hope all is well with you and your family. Looking forward to this week’s newsletter and anymore news on your prophetic dream.


John writes: Thanks for checking with Theo on the names on the list I sent you for the descendants of Jesus.

Rockefeller Morgan Family TreeI decided to check the names on the list I sent you myself, with pendulum dowsing (I'm pretty good at dowsing). I got a YES for these three families who are the descendants of Jesus: Rockefeller, Warburg and also Rothschild [covered before].

I hope you double check with Theo just to see if Rockefeller and Warburg are also true descendants of Jesus!

Theo, are the Rockefeller and Warburg families descendants of Jesus?

Yes, both have long histories and are connected to his family. But each has all the soul contracts that anyone reading this has. Though they may relish in their hidden histories, they are given no slack, shall we say, in how they lead their lives today. It is simply lineage.


Mantej in the UK writes:

Can Theo comment on the spear of destiny? I'm confused. In a past newsletter, Theo said that it is in existence and may possibly be displayed one day, but according to the story, Jesus was pierced with it while he was on the cross and yet you've received in the newsletter that Jesus never was on the cross.

Spear of Destinya) So, of what relevance is the spear of destiny to Jesus?
b) Who possess the spear of destiny and what country is it in now?
c) Which country and what year specifically might it be displayed one day?
d) Please explain why would people suddenly believe in Jesus from seeing it wherever it may be displayed?

You received the following in 2010:

Theo, is the Spear of Christ still in existence, destroyed, or a fable?

“Good question, Tom, by your reader. It is still in existence, although guarded quite well by those who treasure it. Someday it may be displayed for all to see when those who possess it feel it is time and will make an impact on those who might not believe in Jesus. Let’s leave it at that for the time being, Tom.”

Theo, what relevance does the Spear of Destiny have to Jesus?

As we have discussed before, it has to do with beliefs. Those that believe Jesus was crucified on the cross hold that relic in high esteem. It is part of their belief system.

What country possesses the Spear?

That I will not say as it would put the people who hold the spear in jeopardy.

What is the probability of it being displayed within the next 10 years?

Fairly high, Tom, over 50% but not 60%. It all depends upon certain internal factors of the country where it is kept.

Why would it cause people to believe in its existence?

The reason would be the confirmation of its existence.


Dave writes: I thought that you might find the following interesting:

I was browsing through Youtube and discovered a video which Robert Shapiro posted on April 8th, 2016.  From his description of the video, he says:

Energy“A coming event can improve the quality of your life and there is a simple practice you can do to heighten that experience.”

The video describes generating optimism for five minutes daily in preparation for a major event on August 22nd of this year where some kind of positive energy will be sent to the Earth that is supposed to be potentially life-improving.

I have asked my GA what this is all about and was told that he didn't want to "spoil the surprise." I thought with your spiritual connections that you might be able to get more information about this “event” and if something interesting comes of it, you might share this information.

Here's the link to the video -

Thanks, Tom, for all of the useful and interesting material in your newsletters, your blog and your books.

Gaia, is there some sort of positive energy arriving around August 22, and if so, in what form and for how long will it be sustained?

Yes, there will be some benevolent energy coming Earth’s way around that time. You could compare it to slightly raising your vibrational level. It will be very subliminal, and most people will not notice any difference at all, but it will be there to build upon.

How long will it be sustained?

Again, it’s as if you raised your vibrational level just a tad. There will be a slight shift in everyone’s perspective. It will be a good time to say benevolent prayers for the world given that it will amplify them.


Kurt in Washington, DC writes: I’d like to ask a question about a specific musical performer I like, but I’m not sure to whom to address the question.

ELOSince I was a boy, I’ve loved the music of Electric Light Orchestra and anything by Jeff Lynne, who is the writer/producer of that group. The music was instantly recognizable to me at the core of my soul, it opened up something inside me and filled me with a joy that I once knew, but had forgotten. I tend to like a lot of different types of music, but it's different with this performer. I'd love to know why.

Theo, what is special about Jeff Lynne and ELO’s music that draws people to them.

Their music hits the right “chords” with their fans, Tom. This gets into musical tastes and everyone is a little different, which is why there can be so many different types of music.


I’ll end this newsletter with a reminder. Are you saying the Daily Affirmation, Daily Benevolent Prayer, and the Expect Great Things MBO? These only take one minute of your time and Theo says they are highly beneficial. Go to to read why they are so important.  Print them out. 
Benevolent PrayerDaily Affirmation


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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