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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

November 4, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: This past week several thousand pages of Lyndon Johnsonformerly classified material on the assassination of President Kennedy were released.  If you wish to read what I received on the assassination that implicated at-that-time Vice President Lyndon Johnson, here is the link to the 12/7/13 Newsletter.  Click here. 

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
This section comes partly from a question by Paula.
Gaia, what will be the highest probability for this winter for the Northeast, Southeast, South Central, and Mid-West?

Yes, the Northeast will have plenty of winter weather this season, Tom. New Hampshire Snow StormThe days will alternate between sunny and bright and almost blizzard conditions. This will be a more active winter than last year, Tom, so they should stock up on heating supplies and food, as there will be times when it will be difficult to travel about. Bottom line is, with the storms crossing the Great Lakes, several feet of snow will pile up giving them a winter wonderland.

More rain this winter, as I continue that pattern for them, plus winter weather at times, even affecting winter crops. Temperatures will widely vary, but overall yes, a little warmer than normal.
South Central?

Warmer this winter, but again with periods of rainy weather and just a little ice and snow. Perhaps a little less active this year, but still a need for winter coats and jackets. Seasonal, shall we say.

More winter weather as one might expect from the jet stream bringing Kansas Blizzardwinter storms and certainly blizzard conditions at times. At times the storms will roll through this area one after another—a more active winter than last year.

Warmer than last year, but still cool, with a few storms of the winter variety, but closer to average for them.
West Coast?

Coastal rains and a more typical winter for them. Mountain snows will give them a good snowpack for spring runoff.
Gaia, please update me on the German Terrorist event. Will it not happen?

It will happen, Tom. You were a little off on the probable timing, but be assured it will happen and soon.German Terrorst Event
You said there would be no event for the United States, but there was one Tuesday (10/31).

True, but a small event and I could not give you that information on the slim chance one of the people involved might have been notified by one of your readers and would have taken steps to not be where they were supposed to be. Theo has thoroughly explained that to you that we cannot interfere with someone’s soul contract. So, there are times when I cannot give you information.
In the case of the German event, it will be soon, but none of the people involved will be notified in advance. You have few readers in Germany due to the difference in languages.
Gaia, please give me an update on the New Zealand earthquake and New Zealand Earthquaketsunami. Is it still a high probability for it to occur, and if so will it take place in January, February, or March, as you said it would take place not too far into 2018?

The probability remains over 90%, Tom, and the month will be before March. That will be as close as I feel comfortable in telling you since you do have readers in this country that will raise the alarm as they did last time. Let’s move on.
I was invited to both an open house and dinner in honor of the birth of Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i faith. I did not know very much about this religion, as there are only between 5 and 7 million people who claim this faith in the world. It began in Iran, and 200 of their followers are imprisoned there, including several of their leaders, some for as long as 10 years. I learned this is what I would describe as a “gentle religion,” as they respect all other religions, they believe all religions will merge sometime in the future, and in the equality of men and women. As my soul interest, I’ve been told, are religions and I’ve been around for the birth of all of them (except two in future lives), I thought I should ask more about it.
Theo, did I have a life with Baha’u’llah?Baha 'u'llah

Yes, of course, Tom. It is not one of the two lives you have yet to experience. You were a friend and confidant and encouraged his writing.
Were we imprisoned together?

Quite so. Both of you suffered greatly in that life, but through the pain came understanding and knowledge. You were an inspiration to him as he was to you.
Theo, what was Baha’u’llah’s soul interest?

You are correct in thinking it is religion, Tom. He was inspired, shall we say, to write all the positive statements about love and peace.
Was he an old soul in that life?

No, not quite, but certainly a seasoned soul. He still has more lives ahead of him.
Is he incarnated at this time?

No, but he will be soon and will continue his soul interest, just in a different way.
Was I an older soul or just seasoned in that life?

Exactly, Tom. Well along in your number of lives, but not nearly the Baha'u'llah's Deportation Routenumber you have had up to this point—vertically as you know.
I assume we had had at least one life prior to that one where we got to know each other?

Oh yes, more than a couple in fact. There had to be that trust established, you see.
Let’s see if we can help not only those of the 200 Baha’i faith imprisoned, but also any others of any faith imprisoned in Iran, which probably includes Christians, Jews, and Muslims who are not Shias.
Please say the following Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD, and if you are in a group study, ask your friends to do the same:
“I ask any and all beings to aid, comfort and help set free any and all people imprisoned for their religious beliefs in Iran, and may it happen even faster than we can hope for or expect, thank you!”
We CAN make a difference, so please join in.

UPDATE: I had already posted this BP on my Facebook pages on October 29, and well over 100 people had said the prayer. On October 31, one lady of the Baha’i faith that had been imprisoned 10 years was released.

For my new readers, Antura was introduced to me back in 2008 by Theo. He’s an amphibian ET and is a member of my soul “cluster,” who has already had 800 lives on Earth. He’s taking a break and is back on our home planet Nommo in the Sirius B Star System. He’s part of a “first contact” team and his specialty is “grass roots” contacts. When I asked First Contact Bookhim what qualifications he would have for that job, he said it was probably his “gift of gab.”
Antura and his team will be part of a crew of 900 plus their families totaling 1,500 (representing 37 planets) coming soon to Earth in one of those 3-mile-long, 20-stories-tall motherships. They will relieve a similar-sized spaceship 50 miles overhead that is cloaked so that we can’t see them, but also the 25 or so other ships from different worlds such as the Pleiades and Zeta Reticuli Star Systems. If we could see them there would be mass hysteria, thinking we were about to be invaded. In actuality, they are all our protectors, all taking readings of how we have been able to handle negative energy—something no one else has ever been successful doing in ANY OTHER UNIVERSE! You can read more about him, the original star wars, and much more in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions from readers this week.
Antura, are the images of a fleet of ET ships passing in front of the sun real or CGI?
Click here.
Not real, Tom. But very inventive by the person. There will be an occasional ship that is and has been detected passing by, but only the Fake UFO's in Front of Sunvery largest ships can be seen by your telescopes. There would be no need for a fleet of ships. That is just a fanciful idea created to frighten people. If there was a space war, that’s a fast way for a number of ships to be destroyed.
Denise writes:
I was wondering what your thoughts are on the following video: Click here.
From my viewpoint, it is pretty realistic looking, but I am not a technical expert. Is it a camera trick or a hoax, or would this be real? I'd appreciate hearing what your guides have to say.
Thank you so much for all you do. I enjoy reading your newsletters every week and sharing them with everyone I know.

Is it real or CGI of the portal in the bedroom?CGI Portal in Bedroom

Again, this is CGI of someone playing with their video equipment.
Fain writes: What does Antura make of this?

‘We have been waiting for this day’: Mystery object may be first interstellar visitor
Click here.
Antura, can you give us any information on the asteroid that passed through our solar system?

Yes, a little. You are correct in thinking that this asteroid is ensouled, just as Gaia ensouled an asteroid learning about different suns and planets.
The asteroid is not inhabited by any type of ETs. It is simply the remnants of a planet that exploded millions of years ago. This is not the first, nor the last, asteroid that will be viewed, as your instruments to detect these rocks, we will call them, exist throughout this solar system, not including the Kuiper belt.

Susan writes:
Can you confirm/deny the reason for Hurricane Maria is to expand the Underwater Submerged Objects (USO) base onto the island itself? I 'see' the storm was enhanced to create a distraction and move people away from the new USO-desired building location.
Antura, a person asks if Hurricane Maria was to expand the Underwater Hurricane MariaSubmerged Objects (USO) base onto the island of Puerto Rico.

Another conspiracy theory, Tom, with little substance. It presupposes that someone can control the weather, and that is not true for humans, and we would not be allowed to do this as part of the Earth Directive.
Ruth writes:
Thank you for all the good work you do.
I live in Indianapolis and during the summer of 2016 I awoke around 3:00 am and could not go back to sleep. My apartment is on an enclosed courtyard surrounded by four sections of our apartment buildings, each four floors tall. It was a beautiful moonlight night, so I stepped out on my balcony to look at the stars.
As I glanced to my right, a shape began to form. It was so large I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me. The moonlight was behind it, but I could make out the size and shape except the lower third was behind that section of building. The ship was still and at a 45 degree angle. It was huge and I believe cloaked, but the moonlight made it fluorescent so I could see the shape. The outer edge was wide and circular and then had a large curved domed top. In an area where the edge ended and the dome began were rectangular windows as far around as I could see and each window had lights in it. I watched for some time in awe before going back to bed. It was still there when I left. Was this possibly a large spaceship?

Ruth saw a huge spaceship over Indianapolis in 2016. Whose was it and purpose?

Yes, first I will confirm that there was a ship in the area. It was one of UFO Depictionours—not from another galaxy or universe. It was taking a huge number of readings and was mostly hidden from view. You could say she was fortunate to see the craft, but at the same time why did she awaken at just that very moment from a sound sleep? This is but another way we wish to keep everyone’s attention leading up to Disclosure.
OK, I’m out of questions for today, except that I assume the “hard date” the Russians were given was not in October, although you insinuated that.

Yes, Tom. Again, I was told by the Pleiadians to not give the date they set with the Russians. But I will say it is quite soon.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Carol writes:
I was at a Jane Austen convention with 700 people in Huntington Beach.  Sometime between attending craft class to make a Canon Camerahat and purse, I lost my Canon camera. I backtracked everywhere looking for it, went to security, and went to lost and found for our group and no one had turned it in. I had some great pics of me and others attending this 4-day event in period costume. So I asked my GA Anthony for a most benevolent outcome that I would find my camera and asked two of my friends who are followers of yours to say a BP.
The next evening when I went to the Gala dinner, promenade and ball, I stopped by the front desk first and dropped off a picture of what my camera looked like, in case security at the hotel found it, and how to reach me. As I sat down for dinner, my cellphone rang. It was security telling me that they had my camera and would like to deliver it to me. I was so happy when security brought it into the large event and it just made a great night even better.
MBOs and BPs work!
Jean writes:
Thank you so much for helping those of us who use MBOs to have a calmer life!

My first MBO occurred during our summer holiday in June/July. You should know that we do not travel lightly by car-- several suitcases each, plus a plug-in cooler, plus computers, etc. At one of our destinations, the most convenient place to park and unload was just Vacation Mapyards from our door. Arriving is no problem, because guests check in at  different times. Leaving, however, was the problem as someone had parked in that space overnight.

As we were having breakfast, I asked that the space be ready for us when we were ready to leave: we usually load the car, then have coffee, then check out. When we finished breakfast and looked out, the space was empty. I stood in it, he got the car, we quickly packed, then moved our vehicle so the next person's MBO would work!
The second was just before a trip to Wisconsin for a Celebration of Life. As we were beginning to load the car, I looked for my key and couldn't find it.
I immediately asked for an MBO, but started looking on my own. The last place I'd had it was in my purse. Since we were leaving the next day, we finally went to the dealer about having a new key made. The key, of course, comes with the device that opens/locks the car, and sounds Car Keysan alarm if someone else tries to do so -- and costs $250 in Canadian funds. They had only one in stock, and could just have it done before they closed for the week-end. That was when I remembered the one place I hadn't looked -- in the car. Asking them to hold the key for half an hour, we went home to look in the car. And there it was -- jammed between the edge of the door and the seat! It now has a different place in my purse!

By the way, this is my second MBO involving my keys: the first was a few years ago when I could not find my keys after a conference. Fortunately, I had a second set. I called the hotel to ask if my keys had been found there, but they hadn't. Soon afterwards, the woman who drove called to tell me that she'd found a set of keys in her pocket -- could they be mine? I went right to her office, and they were! I rode in the back seat; she drove. How they got in her pocket is still a mystery.
John writes:

1. Was the Zodiac Killer Chinese, Japanese or Korean?
2. How did the Zodiac Killer die?
3. Was the Zodiac killer a Professor or college lecturer?
4. Why was the Zodiac Killer a brilliant man (Theo's words)?

Theo, was the Zodiac Killer Asian, and if so what nationality?Zodiac Killer Depiction

No he was not, Tom, but a good guess by your reader.
How did he die?

Of old age.
Was he a professor?

Yes, he did teach.
And he was brilliant?

Quite so, but mentally he was sick. Sort of in the same mold as Mr. Paddock of Las Vegas, but still different in the way he went about killing people.
Ronald sent me this story:

"A gigantic hole has appeared in the Antarctic ice, and scientists are baffled as to why it has formed. The hole, comparable in size to Austria or Maine, appeared without warning and without any apparent reason.
“Holes form in Antarctica all the time. They're called polynyas, and they form in the sea ice that lines the Antarctic coast. The circulation of warm water or ocean currents causes the hole to form, and the polynya usually disappears after a few months.
“But this hole didn't form along the Antarctic coastline, where all the Giant Hole in Antarcticasea ice is. Instead, it's hundreds of miles inland. Speaking to Motherboard, professor of atmospheric physics Kent Moore with the University of Toronto called the massive hole "quite remarkable," like someone "punched a hole in the ice."

Click Here.
Gaia, will the large polynya hole in Antarctica remain, and what is the cause?

Yes, for the scientists involved it is certainly something that they will study for years. Therefore, I cannot give you too much information at this time. Suffice to say, it will remain a large cavity in the ice and that in turn will have an effect on the melting of ice—that is a given--even with the cold, the sun will at times touch all the exposed surfaces. They will have to study the dynamics of this huge area opening up. I told you before I cannot give you all the answers if it infringes on soul contracts, and in this case it will.
Emily writes:
The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write the Shining (novel about a haunted hotel). The hotel itself is said to be haunted with some ghostly sightings over the Stanley Hotel in Coloradoyears. Is the Stanley Hotel haunted and why?
Click here.
Wikipedia, Click here.
Theo, is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado haunted, and if so, to what extent?

Yes is the simple answer. There are several spiritual signatures, we will call them, left over from when various people transitioned while staying at the hotel. Have your readers go back and read previous questions about ghosts for a more complete understanding.
Rikki writes from Arizona:
Hi Tom --- well, here goes -- gonna try to describe this that happened to me a few months ago - in hopes that Theo or maybe even Gaia can explain who they are!!
I was in a 55+ apt community here in Tucson. I went outside the apartment every day to put my toes in the grass and meditate, etc. There is a very old olive tree right there -- is where I would sit in my "rollator" (a walker with wheels and a seat). I parked on the sidewalk, Arizona Retirement Communitybut dangled my feet in front of me in the grass – yes, no desert there -- very well-manicured property -- LOL
One day back in the Spring or thereabouts, suddenly I saw a vision of a little tiny man underneath where I was sitting -- like he was loading/unloading tiny wheel barrels of energy --- mostly purple and a lot of yellow white light -- it seemed to be a whole community down there of "Little People," like 3-4 inches tall. They were white-headed -- mostly male -- and had hundreds of little hut-like dwellings everywhere underground; to my knowledge they never came above ground. I was shown many, many levels underneath me.
One day, the little gray-haired man I was working with showed me that this community just went everywhere for hundreds of miles here and there and there were hundreds of these little people in all the villages. He told me they had been there for hundreds of years; every day I went Gullivers Travelsout there close to the Olive tree and he would always show up and keep "moving" energy --it was as if he was taking/moving negative energy, old patterns of energy from me and replacing it with good healing energy. I would sit there maybe 30 mins to an hour most days of the week and it was always the same.
He was dressed like what I remember the little ole German-looking, grandfather type -- he was very dedicated to his work and it just seemed so familiar to me that I really didn't even ask many questions. He had short overalls on with lots of embroidery on them and a white shirt also with lots of embroidery -- a little red hat -- always the same outfit on.
I always felt so relieved and so full of pep after those sessions -- it was quite wonderful.
Now, a year ago I was diagnosed with Bone Cancer -- Metastasized Breast Cancer gone to the bone, etc. -- Stage 3 -- I have never been upset about it -- just continued to do daily healing sessions with the Divine Mother and various Saint Germaine and Jesus (he even showed up now and then). I started cancer meds in March of this year, by July the readings were absolutely incredible as how much better I had gotten. I had been taking the meds and add energy to each tablet, etc.
I was told that there was no cure, but it could be treated. I remember laughing to myself as the Oncologist told me this -- under my breath of course, I would not disrespect him in any way -- he meant well and actually was emotional even telling me this --- still, I was just matter of fact and so forth; in fact, I thought maybe I was just in denial -- but no -- that's not it -- deep down inside I just felt that I would NOT die of cancer -- that it was NOT a death sentence to me. I don't care what the medical people say, etc.
So, when this little man showed up in my meditations I was not surprised -- just seemed like "OH OK -- they are so cute, such love and Tiny Peoplesuch great energy” and he was always so busy.
One of the first days I did this -- suddenly I felt this tiny gentle touch on my face - as I opened my eyes, here was the neighbor’s kitty cat stretching up from the ground, up the front of me, touching my face and wanting me to pet her. I just laughed and laughed -- I didn't know she was there till she touched my face. Beautiful little Calico; her Momma called Lovey. I do miss her. Each day after that she would come running from wherever she was when she saw me --- so cute.
Since then, I have moved two times into one assisted living situation and now into another. The other day I was just sitting here in my room when out of nowhere I saw the little man again. I knew he wanted me to come outside, but here there is no green grass - just dirt and cactus -- but I can -- I will go out again and see about him.
So, Tom, what do you make of this and what does Theo think??? It is all very real to me, but don't know how to say who they are!! Thank you for all you do -- I read all the posts each week and it means a lot to me!!

Theo, who was the little gray man Rikki connected with in Tucson?

Charming story, and this occurred, although one might question it. There is a colony – a very large one—of these people. They are not, as you can imagine, part of the Earth Experiment. Rikki attracted his attention because he could see she was able to visualize them. Gaia and I have both said before that there are a large variety of beings in the interior, and almost all wish to be left alone. Rikki was not hallucinating. They send their love to her during a challenging health time.
Eleanore sent me this story:

The Independent: Archaeologists decipher 3,200-year-old stone telling of invasion of mysterious sea people. Click here.
Gaia, was the deciphering of the stone correct regarding the marauding Stone Artband of raiders in the Eastern Mediterranean around 1,200 BC?

Quite so, Tom. This is an unexplored area of your world history. The vast majority of people were illiterate, so there were virtually no records of these raids, which created the collapse of the Bronze Age. There are other similar time periods where virtually no records exist, with the greatest of these the histories of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu.
This can be something simple as that time period we just covered, or thousands of years when great floods wiped out all written history.

Patti in Detroit writes:
Thank you for the information you share to help us understand what is happening around us.
When will the Vatican share some of the papers that have been hidden, Vatican Archiveespecially about the bible? Is Pope Frances one of the Good Guys?

Theo, what is the highest probability of when the Vatican will share or open their secret archives to historians?

The highest probability will not be immediately in the next year or two, but depending upon other events, the probability rises greatly within the next five to six years, Tom. They are not in any hurry to do so, as the study of the many books rejected for enclosure in the Bible will set off a firestorm of controversy, as there are many details on the life of Jesus that have been kept hidden for hundreds of years. There was great Pope Franciscompetition between factions of this religion and there were many compromises made in the name of getting as many converts as possible from the pagan religions. We have covered that aspect in the past.
I’m asked if Pope Francis is a good person.

Yes, of course. He is doing his best to weed out those that have achieved their status not through good works but through politics. There is also a fairly large group who have engaged in molestations and worse; and they will fight to keep this knowledge secret, and in some cases, continue their activities.


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