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Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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It appears that two volcanoes in populated areas are about to erupt in Volcano Lakethe Pacific. Read more in today’s newsletter. Gaia gave me more predictions for Southern China, the UK, and Europe, along with another rise in ocean levels in 2018 of about 2.5 inches.
Lots of questions coming in and I’m getting to them as fast as possible. If your question was sent in over a month ago please
“rattle my cage,” as it might have gotten buried.

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers.
Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:
BREAKING NEWS:  I had a rare tornado dream last night.  When I have these something unpleasant is going to happen to me, my family or to others.  As an example, a week or so before 911 I had a dream of a tornado going across the face of an office tower with a line of people in City Tornadoan invisible airplane following behind. 
In this one I was in a downtown location and saw what I thought was a tornado in the distance and went to see if that’s what it was (heading in an easterly direction).  Didn’t see it, turned around and saw it had hit behind me and buildings collapsed.  I went back and saw homeless people were walking out of the rubble.  At one point got in someone’s car and as we drove I saw one building that said “Weather Channel.” 
I immediately went to my office and did a quick session.  I got mixed The Weather Channelmessages from Gaia and Theo.  There is going to be a man-made event and there will be another storm hitting the Florida Panhandle—and perhaps going up through Atlanta where the Weather Channel is based.  The whole questions and answers I received are too long to include here.
Let’s have everyone say the following Benevolent Prayer OUT LOUD: 
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist in keeping everyone safe who might be touched by the events suggested in Tom Moore’s tornado dream, and may the results be even better than we can hope for or imagine, thank you!”
Kirsi writes from Australia:
Good morning; hey it's looking like Vanuatu volcano will erupt before Bali. Will the Vanuatu volcano affect Australia? Click here.
Gaia, will the eruption of the Vanuatu volcano affect Australia?Vanuatu Volcano

No, Tom. It is far enough away so as to not affect them directly—only aircraft that have to fly over this area.
What about the rest of the island chain?

Yes, it will affect them in significant ways. Besides aircraft, already 10,000 people had to be evacuated from the island as it is unlivable and will remain so for decades to come.
Are the people who live in this island chain mostly new souls in terms of Earth lives?

Quite so. As souls, they are just beginning their journey, although as you have been told before, all their lives on Earth are happening at the same time. Still, these simple lives as islanders provide many different experiences, along with their interactions with members of the other soul clusters they will work with time and time again over the centuries.
Lourana writes:
Love your newsletters. I say MBOs and BPs for all the participants involved or affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and the earthquakes in Mexico.
Interesting that four major, life-changing Earth events happened within Total Eclipse Track Aug 21 2017one month of the total solar eclipse crossing the entire United States.
Is there a connection between the solar eclipse and all these Earth events in North America?
Thanks for your service to humanity!

Gaia, is there a connection between the total solar eclipse and all four  Hurricane Irma Trackevents that came afterwards—the three hurricanes and the large earthquake in Mexico?

Yes, Tom; that’s a simple answer for a very complex and still unfolding event.
The mass shooting in Las Vegas had not occurred yet when Gaia related this.

Severine in China writes:
I have questions for Gaia.
Sea rise and typhoon update for Guangdong in South China:
1. What is the probability for a, or several deadly typhoons in the next 6 Pacific Typhon Tracks 1980-2005months and 12 months?
2. North Americans especially have been advised by Gaia to move away from coasts. What about South China? We live in Shenzhen which is bordering Hong-Kong.
3. How long do we have before we should consider to move out? I am asking BPs and MBOs daily about this too. I understand that soul contracts are at play that Gaia may not talk too much.
4. How about Shanghai and Beijing? All Chinese biggest cities are on the east coast; can we get any timeframe for them too?
Topic 2: China deadly Earthquake. Can you ask update about deadly Earthquake updates for China Sichuan for the next 12 months?
Topic 3: West Europe weather in the next 12 months -- any dangerous storms / floods--UK, France, Portugal, Spain?

Gaia, what is the probability of a devastating typhoon striking southern Typhoon DestructionChina in the next 12 months?

Quite high, Tom. As your climate changes, more and more of these storms will form. If you remember, I said that these storms will form over and over again in the Atlantic and will proceed to move over to the islands and North American mainland. The same will happen in the Pacific, so look for at least one or more for southern China.
How long will it be before it is necessary for the residents of the Shenzhen province of China to move away from the coast?

They, like those who live on the coasts of Florida and the East Coast of the USA, will move after they find that these storms, or typhoons as they are called there, will repeatedly wipe out their homes and businesses. As this part of the world is so over-populated, many will transition—die—as part of their soul contracts to experience storms and flooding.
I assume it will be the same for Shanghai and Beijing?Beijing Flooding

Worse for them, Tom, as they are packed to the gills, shall I say, with people. I have given warnings for years and now we are in a period of time where the coasts will be left to recover. Take that to the bank, Tom. There will be mass migrations away from the coast lines.
I know that you said before that the ocean levels will rise 12.5 inches this year, Gaia, but what about in 2018?

A little more, but not as great as this year, Tom. Put the increase at a little over 2 inches, Tom. That may not seem like a lot after the increases the last two years. But it will still add to the flooding that will take place on the coasts of the world.
So, I wish to verify – 2 inches?

Yes, just a tad more but not three. Use 2.5 although that is not exact.
What is the probability of a 7.0 earthquake in Shenzhen in the next 12 Sichuan Earthquakemonths?

That is the other side of the coin, Tom. The water will help me lubricate the plates so that they can move more easily. Several large quakes of 6.0 and higher will occur in that region in the next two years, we will say. Thousands of people still have on their list of experiences a major earthquake, so that region will be unstable for a while. Keep in mind that your readers can request MBOs to not be in the area when I move the earth, or to be away when a typhoon comes ashore.
Gaia, what is the highest probability for the weather this winter in the UK and the rest of Europe?

It will seem seasonal most of the time, but again with some severe storms that will be greater in intensity due to the warmer waters. Blizzards will more intense, then recovery. The warmer waters that travel up the East Coast of North America and then across the Atlantic will mean more intense storms. They should prepare and have more fuel and food and water on hand. This will become the norm for the foreseeable future.
Gaia, how soon will the Mt. Agung volcano erupt?
Click here.Bali Volcano
Yes, it will be quite soon now, Tom. It will occur within the next week to 10 days. I wish to release the pressure this coming week.
Will it be a blast sort of like St. Helena’s, or more just blowing straight out the top and then lava flowing down the sides?

More the latter, Tom. But it will cover even more area than they anticipate, you’ll see.
Gaia, are astronomers correct that there are approximately 2 trillion galaxies, or are they mistakenly including the adjacent universe to ours?
Click here.
They are incorrectly including what they see in all directions, Tom, not Galaxiesunderstanding that Earth is on the edge of our universe, placed there to be out of the way, shall we say, and in the night sky you can see stars and galaxies from the adjoining universe. This will take some time to sort out, and you will assist in this, although it seems at the moment that it will not be so.
So, reduce that number just a tad—let’s say for your purposes the number would be 1.5 trillion—even a little less. That is still a huge number for one universe. The Explorer Race will not be able to explore all of it, but will do enough so that those that experience your introduction of tiny amounts of negative energy will spread it to not only their galaxies but thousands and millions of others. You have not been given the number of star ships that exist, because it is and was felt this would frighten people. But soon they will learn Earth is protected as if it was the finest jewel in existence.

For my new readers, Antura is a member of my soul “cluster” as Theo call it, and was introduced to me by Theo in 2008. Since that time, I’ve asked him thousands of questions. He’s having a life back on his home First Contact Bookplanet (and mine too) Nommo, one of over 20 planets our astronomers have not yet discovered in the Sirius B Star System. Perhaps the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), to be launched in 2019 with infrared detection capabilities, will finally be able to find many more planets than are known today. You can read more about Antura, his planet, the universe, and the original star wars in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. You’ve never read such detailed information on ETs. Here is a link to read two sample chapters: Click here. Here are more questions asked this week.
Antura, who created the portals on Earth and on other planets—were they fifth focus beings or 7th, 9th focus?

Portal DepictionYes, you are correct in your thinking, Tom. There were higher focused beings that provided every planet in the universe with at least one portal, and for the Earth, as it is so important, plus its location at the edge of the universe, there are 60. I cannot say there is any place in the universe with more. Even the oldest societies in the universe do not require as many. Your portals connect to many different places.
Doug writes: 
Tonight, I saw what might be a UFO.  I live near DC, so I see lots of aircraft. But this one seem to come from the glare of a very bright moon.  It flew in a straight line but mid-way got very bright, then dimmed and disappeared.   Was it a UFO?
Antura, did Doug see an ET craft on 9/30 near Washington, DC?UFO's over Washington DC

Yes, his observation was correct, Tom. We are always trying to have craft in that vicinity to take readings of your government leaders in all departments, shall we say. We don’t have to do it in the daytime, although we do, but mostly during evening hours when they are home with their families.
Antura, do other societies watch some form of documentaries on the Earth Experiment?

Yes, but as you can and cannot even imagine the form of documentaries is quite different than what you consider a documentary on Earth. But everyone is keeping up with your developments in their own form of presentation.
Norm writes:
I have some questions.
1. From a star chart reported by Betty Hill, Marjorie Fish, an elementary-Betty Hill Star Mapschool teacher and amateur astronomer, located the home planet of these beings in the Zeta Reticuli star system (allegedly the fourth planet of one of the stars of the Zeta Reticuli binary system).
Question: can you ask Theo or Antura to talk more of the Zeta planet(s) and if Zetas breathe oxygen or some other gas; do they have an olfactory? Why was the Zeta race dying out? How long has their race been in existence? What was the illness or disease, was it the planet killing them, or their sun? What was the success rate of the hybrids living and how long did they finally get them to live.
2. Did Zeta hybrids come and live on Earth? Are there any living here now? Earth humans have no unusual powers, what powers would Zetas Map of Zeta Reticulihave that humans do not? Do Zetas see color? Do Zetas have morals, do they know right and wrong? How do Zetas procreate?
3. Are Humans the only creatures that meditate? Do Zetas meditate and what do they manifest in their visions of creativity?
If they are from the past, with the human souls’ permission to be abducted, (this is very weird and hard to comprehend), what is real?

Antura, what air do Zetas breathe?

Certainly not oxygen. They, like many societies, breathe a form of nitrogen, but to explain it you would need much more knowledge in this area. You would need to study gases.
Zeta Hybrid depictionAre there any hybrids on Earth now?

No, there are none. They would be easily recognizable. If for any reason they have to set foot on Earth they cloak themselves to be invisible. That way they can observe, but not be noticed.
What powers do Zetas have that we do not?

Obviously, the first one you would think of would be the ability to mind control to wipe a memory of their interaction in the past with those they abducted. Otherwise, they are not as physically gifted. Their mental capacity is also larger than a human’s, to make up for their slight body framework.
How do Zetas procreate now?

Yes, they have adjusted and do so physically, not by cloning as was Zeta Depictiondone in the past. As you can imagine, that took some time to get used to.
Do Zetas meditate?

Yes, most societies understand the importance of meditation in their own form, which I might add can be in many ways.
What do they manifest?

That would take too long for this discussion. It is not so much manifestation as tuning into their spiritual side.
How do you differentiate old from current Zetas?

The old Zetas, as you term them, are not around anymore.
OK, perhaps we’ll discuss this in more detail in the future, as I’m missing something.

We can and we will, Tom.
As previously reported in earlier newsletters and my
FIRST CONTACT book, the old Zetas were cloning to procreate, but the Creator decided not to allow them to be ensouled anymore. Because we are in a space-time continuum, they entered it during our time period and not later, and with our souls’ permission (it balanced lives where the abductees had abducted people in past lives), they abducted them to find DNA matches to create a race of hybrids.

The Federation took 2.5 universal years (25 of our years) to amend the Earth Directive to stop the abductions. They will come one day in the near future, I’m told, and will offer to meet with the abductees and take away the mind block and offer to remove the tracking implants that are Reptilian Depictionnow passive (not turned on). They obviously do not have the same feelings as Earth humans regarding the fear of abduction.

Antura, during the time of the original star wars, how long until my idea of including the reptilians in the Earth Experiment did it take to be accepted?

Longer than it should have. As you can imagine, there was a faction that would rather go down with the ship than to make any compromise with the hated reptilians. But the planets that would one day make up the Federation continued to lose ships and thousands of lives, so finally it was agreed to at least offer to include them in the Earth Experiment and the planetary leaders were surprised when the reptilians agreed.
Then the next step was to decide what percentage of the soul fragments on Earth would be reptilian. It was finally agreed upon that there be 10% reptilians. All during this time period you were quite active in the negotiations—just behind the scenes shall we say.

I know you know the point I’m making, Antura. I have suggested that we Russian and Alien Photogoad the Russians a little and this has been rejected so far, but at what point will this be reconsidered?

I stated before, Tom, that they have been given a date and if they do not release information by then there will be actions.
I still think it will move them along faster, but I realize you have to go through the Pleiadians. I’ll be happy to give you the paragraph to relate if the date passes with no action.

I understand, Tom, and I will communicate with my cohorts that are doing those meetings.
(Next session) You mentioned a date the Russians were given. What isRussian Spaceport that date?

It is within the next couple of weeks, but I was asked not to give you the exact date as there is a little wiggle room involved. This is typical in any negotiations.
Yes, but there should be an absolute date.

We do, and again it is in that area of Earth time.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Sally in Italy writes:
I discovered your books this summer and have been using MBOs ever since.
Yesterday morning, before leaving to catch the bus to school, my Italian School Busdaughter realized that she had mislaid her bus pass. She was sure it was somewhere in the house because she remembered seeing it the night before when she had been transferring books from one bag to another.
We looked everywhere for the bus pass, but it was nowhere to be found, and in the meantime my daughter was getting more and more tearful.
I tried asking an MBO for me to find it, but rather surprisingly, it didn't work. Then my daughter suddenly had an "aha" moment and rushed upstairs to get the bus pass from the pocket of a jacket which she had been planning to wear, but had then put away again in her wardrobe because she had changed her mind.
She now had the bus pass, but it was too late for her to walk to the bus School Bus Signstop, so I gave her a lift, which was when I discovered that my daughter has started using MBOs!
In fact, she told me that she had requested an MBO to find the bus pass before she left the house, and just as she had been at the point of leaving, resigned to having to pay for an unnecessary ticket and getting told off by the bus driver, a very clear image of the jacket from the night before flashed into her mind!
Everything worked out brilliantly - my MBO didn't work, allowing my daughter to use one for herself and get great positive feedback that they Italian School Childrenwork, and the drive to the bus stop gave us enough time together for my daughter to tell me about her MBO.
Nice job, angels! Thank you! Thank you too, Tom, for sharing MBOs.

I think both MBOs were successful!
May I remind everyone that students report much better grades when they request MBOs before exams? Naturally, requesting the MBO the day before (or earlier) helps as you will be led to study what will be on the test, and then an MBO just before will keep you calm and focused when taking the exam.

Sharon in Canada writes:
Just a couple of small stories about BP and MBO results--a week ago, my son was in a bit of a panic because he had lost the keys on his key chain to his townhouse. Luckily he still had theTownhouse key for the front door. He had taken them out to have them copied to give us a spare set for emergencies, and retraced his steps to all the places he had been that day. I told him not to worry, I would say a BP for him to find them, and suggested he say an MBO as well (not sure if he did – he is a bit resistant to saying MBOs). I had a sense they would turn up and the next morning told him I was sure he would find them soon. Sure enough, by noon that day he found them tucked in a sleeve of his wallet, safe and sound!
This past Thursday night my email had stopped working and I could not receive or send emails from my desktop computer, which is a problem since we have a home business and work from home and need it to scan and send reports. Luckily my iPad was still working to check for Outlookurgent emails, but I cannot send reports from that.
I said an MBO, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for our Outlook program to work properly and to be able to receive and send emails on my desktop, and may the result be better than I could hope for or expect. Thank you!”
I called our internet provider on Friday and they tried a few fixes that did not work, and thought that perhaps the Outlook file was corrupted somehow and suggested that I back up all our emails, uninstall Outlook and reinstall it. That is way over my head to do on my own, so I called our IT guy, who set up an appointment Monday (today) at 9 am to do it remotely. I did not worry about it at all over the weekend. This morning he called to get started on it, and when I opened the Outlook program, all the emails from Thursday night on arrived in our mailboxes! It had somehow repaired itself and was working again. So, no need to go through the process of backing up, uninstalling and reinstalling the email program. Success! The IT guy was bewildered, he thought it was highly unusual for it to fix itself. But I thought to myself –
it’s the MBO working AGAIN!
Graham writes:
Question on Nostalgia.
Why is that we get so nostalgic for time periods we didn't even live in?Nostalgia Is it somebody with a particular soul interest who would be more nostalgic than others, such as people in the creative fields?

Theo, are there some people with specific soul interests more nostalgic for certain time periods?

Yes, though you are veiled, you can still “feel” that time period. But this has more to do with their experiences, as compared to their soul interest.
George writes:
Considered to be the ULTIMATE party animal, Keith Moon's (drummer in the band The Who) life was a non-stop party.
1. Was Keith Moon's soul interest "adventure" or "music"?Keith Moon
2. Why did he die at 32-years-old?


Rolling Stone:
Theo, was Keith Moon’s soul interest music?

Yes, and as you thought, it is but one of the many lives he will have as a music major, we will call them.
Why was his soul contract to die at 32?

He had accomplished all he could in this life and it was time to move on to the next one.
Tim writes:
Thank you so much for continuing your work. I look forward to each of your newsletters and have incorporated MBOs in my life. I have a question taking away from world affairs, it is about Saint Francis of Assisi, or Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone.
I have always been around animals more than most people, attending a St. Francis of AssisiWild Animal Training, working with large cats and exotic animals, having many unusual pets myself and now training with Healing Touch for Animals to be a healing practitioner. I trained llamas to give kids rides and did therapy work with them for 10 years.
Every year I would take the llamas to the San Diego Mission for the blessing of the animals and would feel very connected with St. Francis. My question is, did I spend a lifetime with St. Francis or even could I have been that soul and lived that life? My pendulum says yes, but it could just be St. Francis communicating with me.
Could Theo or Gaia give us some information on St. Francis of Assisi? Thank you for all you do.

Theo, did Tim have a life with St. Francis of Assisi, or was he possibly St. Francis?

He was not St. Francis, Tom, but a close friend and confidant. He is part of a soul cluster that works during many lives together.
Jerry writes:
I have been following Amira’s career since her first appearance in Holland's Got Talent in 2013. That little girl reminds me of Amirathe great soprano Maria Callas. With talent like this, it is obvious that she has done this before. Who was she in her previous life?
Link to her first appearance.
Theo, was Amira Willihagen Maria Callas in her past life, or perhaps another famous opera singer?

As they guessed, Tom, she was Maria Callas and will be famous again for her singing in this life.
Ronald writes:
My understanding is that when a white member of any species, i.e., the white lions, the white buffalo, and now white giraffes, appear, it is a sign of benevolence...and a deeply spiritual event to both White Giraffethe species and to us humans.
Gaia, is it true that the appearance of an albino animal of any species is a sign of benevolence?

In a way, yes, Tom, as these animals are certainly treated as something very special, which they are from their viewpoint. Therefore, they are revered and at times worshipped, so the love and energy sent to them makes them benevolent. Anytime you send love and honor to any living thing over and over again that object, animal, or human is lifted up by all those benevolent thoughts and prayers. So, it is not just superstition, but an actual fact that these animals do take on a benevolent energy.
Mike in the UK writes:
RE: First Impressions.
Are first impressions true/real? Do people really form an indefinite idea of a person based upon the first ever time they meet them?
Click here.
RE: Handshakes. A lot of research has gone into handshakes, and Handshakegiving a positive strong handshake. Why is it that we get offended by people who give us weak or sloppy handshakes, and we are impressed by people who give us strong firm handshakes?
Click here.
RE: Secret Handshakes.
Where did secret handshakes actually originate from?
Click here.
Theo, is our first impression of someone real? What actually are we perceiving?

Yes, your senses are reading their aura in a way, Tom, plus your pineal gland is picking up messages from them. You call it the “sixth sense.” It is quite real, although most people do not know how to control it yet.
Why are we offended by a weak handshake and impressed by a strong Secret Handshakesone?

This dates back many centuries to when one male would engage the other with the right hand—the hand would have no weapon. Still, the males would want to show the other their strength, so the handshake would be strong and suggest their power. A weak handshake would tell the other person that he had a good chance of defeating him in battle.

Where did secret handshakes originate?
They were used by religious sects and even groups of people who might wish to overthrow their governments. Many of these secret handshakes still exist today, although many are not so secret anymore.


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