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The Gentle Way Books 1 2 and 3 and First Contact

December 3, 2016

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Several people asked if the Presidential recount in one or more states Counting Ballotswould change the election results.
Theo, what is the probability of the election results changing to Mrs. Clinton’s favor?

Almost nil, Tom. The elections will not change the outcome. This will go down in history as one where just a few thousand votes in a few states made the difference. Calling for a recount simply adds to the turmoil. Therefore, the probability of the recount changing the outcome will be less than 5%--almost nil.
Mike writes from the UK:
More questions on Trump. President Elect Donald Trump
1. Is Trump's soul interest Government?
2. What is the possibility of Trump being involved in a sex scandal during his Presidency?
3. Due to the number of allegations about him with young girls, is Trump a pedophile?
4. What connection does Trump have or will he have with the Illuminati?
5. What is the probability of Trump stepping down and resigning as President?
6. What's the likelihood of Trump finding out about aliens before the Russian disclosure?

Theo, is Mr. Trump’s soul contract government?

Yes and no. He leans towards all forms of business, but wants to see Trump Towerhow government affects businesses. It will be a good learning experience for him as he will have to make decisions far and above what he has made in the past. He does have experienced and inexperienced advisors to offer their opinions.

What is the probability of a sex scandal during his time in office?

The probability is quite small since his attention has turned to the whole process of business and government.
Is Donald Trump a pedophile?

No, but he certainly likes younger women.Melania Trump
Does Donald Trump have any connection to the Illuminati?

Only the outer rings we will term them. There are those that will do their best to influence him, and will be successful in a few instances, not in others. As we are reminding you weekly, those Benevolent Prayers have a much greater influence than you might realize.
What is the probability of Mr. Trump resigning?

Almost nil. As we said before, the probability of him staying in office for eight years is a high probability at the present time. You can ask us, and I’m sure you will, in future years.
What is the probability of President-elect Trump being informed about aliens before the Russian Disclosure?

Almost nil, Tom, as he has many more urgent problems to handle and therefore aliens or ETs will be far, far down the list.
Time for our weekly Benevolent Prayer (BP) to say OUT LOUD: 
“I ask any and all beings to aid and assist President Elect Donald Trump, his Administration, and Congress to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens in the USA and the world, thank you!”
This works!  Please participate!!

Cynthia writes:
Please, please, please do a session on the Clinton's corruption. It is widespread knowledge with so many people. Where there is this much smoke, there is a fire!
Here is a post from the Washington Times:
  Click here
I totally believe all of it. Hillary turned my stomach every time I saw her Bill & Hillary Clinton and daughteron TV. My gut just kept screaming that she was lying. Most people in Arkansas don't just dislike her and Bill, they hate her because of the corruption they did there. Yes, most of it is not "mainstream" news, since it's all covered up!
True story: I have a friend who knows a lady that ran against Hillary for Senator. One day, that lady got a phone call from the Clintons. They asked her if she loved her family and if she wanted to make sure they were safe. They threatened her family, Tom!!! She withdrew from the senator race and, guess what? Hillary won. The woman withdrew from politics altogether, since she could no longer stomach such dirty politics.

Gaia, were the Clintons actually involved in dirty politics and were they corrupt?

Yes, at times they were involved in activities that will need balancing in Bill & Hillary Clintonthe future. Political corruption is systemic in your time period and it will take many years for laws to be enacted that will prevent such activities, as the penalties will be harsh enough—you can say “the laws will have teeth” —that politicians will toe the line.
The Clintons will certainly look back at their lives after they transition and will have balancing lives in the future. Yes, they were guilty of a number of bad decisions, but in the end she would have made a better President than Mr. Trump due to her experience as a Senator and then Secretary of State. Mr. Trump will make a large number of mistakes as part of his “on-the-job” training. He will have to fire a number of his appointees who will flounder.

A number of times as I start to relax before going to sleep, I will see images or hear conversations for just a few seconds, and then they are gone. Therefore, I thought I would ask Theo about this.
Theo, what are the images and conversations I momentarily tune into Frequenciesjust as I am about to drift off to sleep?

As you surmised, Tom, as you relax, your mind momentarily passes by the frequency of communications of all sorts. There are levels, shall we call them, and they all have frequencies.
Am I tuning into a parallel life, or ones on my time line?

Depending upon the frequency, it could be either. As you have noticed, Different Frequenciesthis is only momentarily. If you were to work at it you could continue to tune into this frequency, but your work in this life is much more important and beneficial to the widest range of people. Yes, there are Yogis that can do this since they spend hours of their time each day in quiet contemplation and listen in wonder and see these images too.
There are so many frequency levels in general, which people have not explored or have knowledge about, that can be tapped into in the future. But it would be quite confusing for the general population to do this, so—again—that is part of the veiling process. It would be maddening to hear and see this all the time. You would lose contact with this reality.

In my Yoga classes we’re always crossing our legs during the session, Yoga Sitting Poseso I thought I should ask if I should be doing this when I’m in a session.
Gaia, does it make a difference if I cross my legs while sitting at my computer during these sessions?

It makes no difference to me or Theo, Tom, if you cross your legs or keep them facing straight down. The main thing is to clear your mind of all outside influences as you are doing now.
Theodora writes:
If we are here to be the opposite of what we have done before what does that say about people with serious chronic diseases?
Gaia, are chronic diseases always balancing past actions or if not what Chronic Diseasepercentages would be “bucket list” experiences?

Yes, all chronic diseases are the result of balancing actions. You come into the first life with a clean slate, shall we call it, and quickly begin making mistakes that over time must be balanced. The chronic diseases, as you term them, are balancing those past actions, which in turn also accomplishes the need to experience every feeling and emotion you must have before you finish your lives on Earth.
And, yes, you arrange them so that others can take care of you as part of their learning and then you take care of them in turn. This is a big school with many things to learn and experience. The analogy of a doctorate program does not even begin to touch what a person must learn and experience in the 600 to 800 lives the person will have.

Daralyn writes from Galveston, Texas: Last week it was reported that a 14-year-old girl in the UK who was dying of cancer was awarded the right to be cryogenically preserved in the hopes that a cure for her kind of cancer might be found in a few hundred years.  Click here
I would like to know the probabilities of successful use of cryonics in Cyrogenicsthe future.
Gaia, what is the probability of the successful use of cryogenics in the future?

There will be more attempts to freeze a body, but before that can be accomplished all diseases will be eradicated. The way a body is frozen would need to be changed. Again, you are fast approaching a time in the next few years when the majority of diseases will be cured through DNA work.
Therefore, attempts to awaken people who have been frozen will be unsuccessful. Keep in mind, people hold onto this idea because of their lack of faith or belief that they will incarnate again. It is a learning experience for everyone on a soul level.

Kathy writes:
I was wondering if that was a Yeti that they saw in Russia. It is hard to see but looks like one. Thank you and Theo for all you do for us.
Kathy did not include the link, but here are two she probably meant:Yeti Depiction
Click here.
Russian Boys—Click here.   
Both were carrying babies.
Gaia, are the Yetis still procreating? I thought you or Theo had previously said they would die out.

Yes, they still are procreating, but their numbers are slowly decreasing. These are gentle creatures and will have lives on another planet where they can roam without fear of humans. You are just not at a point in your development yet where you could interact with the Yetis and Bigfoot as you term them. They remain to occasionally remind you that there are humanoids different from Homo sapiens.
For my new subscribers, Antura is featured in my book
FIRST Abe Sapien -- Hellboy moviesCONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Theo introduced me to another member of my soul group or “cluster,” as he calls it, back in 2008 (there are eight soul fragments in my cluster he says). Antura is an amphibian living on a water planet in the Sirius B Solar System. Here are more questions we posed.
Lyn writes:
Here's a question for Antura. In all the descriptions of the Greys, excluding the hybrids, they seem to be hairless. Is this because they are telepathic and no longer need the hairs as danger receptors or is it a climate thing? If it is because of the first, will we also lose hair as we become more telepathic?
Antura, any particular reason Greys are hairless?

You will find a huge number of societies have no hair anywhere on their Alien--Kaan Demircelikbody, but this pertains to their environment. Your scientists have much to learn about the reasons you have hair on your bodies and where it is located. There are still years of research in this area. I have no hair on my body, as there is no need for it, and it would simply slow me down in the water. But take another species that lives in a cold climate and they might be covered in hair from tip to toe. So, to summarize, the Greys have no need for hair and therefore they have none.
Antura, how many multiple telepathic conversations are you able to have at one time?

Yes, we barely touched on this before, Tom. But I am able to have several. I would compare it to people having a joint discussion, or you could compare it to being in a room with several people and switching back and forth in order to have a conversation with one person on one side of you and then communicating with a person on the other side.

We are quite experienced in doing this with all the different time lines, so yes, I could be jumping back and forth and even having a conversation with you on one day and at the same time having one several days later. All our conversations are, shall we say, compacted due to your time being approximately 10 times faster than universal time. As you might imagine, there is training that we do in order to handle multiple contacts. We have the ability to carry on these conversations, so it is simply putting it into practice.

On that theme, how do the many different societies communicate with Telepathyeach other?

In a number of ways, Tom, depending upon their level of advancement. There are many ways to communicate and every one of them might be used in one day. Several of them your scientists have not yet discovered as they rely on a different type of energy—and, yes, you can make that plural as there are several energies your scientists have yet to discover.

I’m not trying to avoid your question, Tom, but there is not one answer, but many, including ways to communicate you have not yet discovered. And, yes, one of the many ways does include telepathy as we are doing now. You will use this quite often in the future as the Explorer Race heads for the stars.

[Referring to the documentary we will shoot on board the Mothership] MothershipAntura, do we have to wait until after the Greys arrive, or can it be perhaps before or at the same time as it will take weeks of editing and negotiating with a film distributor?

Yes, we have considered that, Tom, so the answer is no, we do not have to wait. The timing of the publicizing will have to wait until after that event takes place, and yes, even with the reservations on the subject of abductions, it does need to be brought out into the open. That can be taking place as we are proceeding.
Antura, what is the probability of having enough footage for a TV series?

That will be quite probable, Tom, as you will have many hours recorded. This is a large project since recording meetings with people from almost 40 planets will result in hours and hours of interviews.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!

Here is a story from one of our subscribers that was directly affected by Seattle Floodingthe rise in the ocean levels, which scientists have yet to detail. 
Renee writes from near Seattle, WA, that she awoke with her car under water along with her house partially flooded on a small bay where she lives near Seattle during the Super Moon. Here is the rest of the story.

This is a sheltered bay north of Seattle, several islands inland from the actual Puget Sound main waterway.
I was awakened by my cat head-butting me and growling about 4 am and arose from bed to water at knee level inside the house. My first thought was I'll just grab my cat, get into the car and get out of here, until I looked out and saw the car.

I did a quick MBO to ask to request getting us out of there safely and, for the first time in my life, I called 911. My call was answered by a panicky sounding woman who asked if I was in immediate danger or had a medical urgent need. I said no and at same time glanced at the wall calendar with tidal times and saw that according to the charts, the highest point had passed and the water should start to recede shortly.
It did rather rapidly and was soon in only ankle deep water
(MBO helped here). I relaxed a bit and put the cat on top of a cabinet and gave the owner of the house a call. Rest of the day was spent mopping up and salvaging a few things that I didn't have many of, as I had just moved in the week prior.
All the neighbors said my car was totaled as it had been almost fully Floodingsubmerged under saltwater. Was a bit distraught for a second and then remembered the drill...
Another MBO for the perfect outcome with an insurance settlement and another car.
The insurance company gave me several thousand dollars more than I would have expected for the vehicle and a friend was going out of the country for a few months and I would be able to use her car until she returned - thus giving me plenty of time to find another one.
The owner of the house is currently raising it four feet, but as you had mentioned in prior newsletters, this is a bandaid effect only. The ocean is indeed rising and I had a demo of it!
I have since moved a bit inland and closer to Seattle - to a spot that is on a lake!

Ginger writes:
It never ceases to amaze me how well MBOs work. Someone hit our parked car the other day, and on my way to get the Body Shopdamage inspected, I asked that the outcome and expense would be better than I could hope for. Well, as I waited in the lobby of the body shop, an inspector for the insurance company I use happened to be there and we were chatting about what happened (he was there for another reason). I was telling him how pleased I was with the service I’d received so far from his company on my claim, and that I was glad my deductible wasn’t too high. He said wait a minute, that’s not right. I was thinking: Uh Oh.
So, he gets my account number and leaves to make a phone call. He comes back in, and tells me that they had categorized my claim wrong and that it was considered collision (not comprehensive) by them and he had it reclassified… They were waiving my deductible because it wasn’t our fault.
So, my MBO actually ended up saving me hundreds of dollars, which was a wonderful surprise.
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed receiving this blessing.

Emily writes: I have a question on Macey Hensley. She is the 6-year-old Zachary Taylorgirl who is the Presidential expert. She is a regular on the Ellen Show, and I'm sure you've seen her on it or on YouTube.
Her favorite President is Zachary Taylor. I was wondering was she Zachary Taylor is one of her past lives?
Theo, was Macey Hensley Zachary Taylor in a past life?

No, Tom, but Macey knew the soul fragment Taylor quite well. Their soul groups work together on a consistent basis. Macey has other things to work on in this life.
Karen writes:
Thank you for your books and your newsletters. I am learning from them every day. I have been practicing requesting benevolent outcomes with wonderful results.
I do feel the veil thinning as a result, and I think I am better able to hear 2016 Presidential Election Resultsmy own guidance, although it is not in the form of a conversation with an angel. Thoughts come to me that feel like they are coming from outside of me. It feels more inspiration than thinking. That’s how I can describe it.
Like many people, I felt a huge shock at the outcome of the election, because it was so unexpected. In meditation, the feeling came upon me that the results of the election were the most benevolent outcome in the long run for our nation. Yes, there are protests now and uncertain things to come. But imagine what it be like to have a candidate who refuses to concede because the “election was rigged.” Wouldn’t we have been dragged through all kinds of darkness with that result? Didn’t Mrs. Clinton concede with grace and dignity and a call for unity?
Then this message came to me:

Our destination is not lost. We have chosen the more difficult path that in the end will result in the greater, deeper growth that can only be learned through struggle. This is the most difficult path for all of the key players in this event. But all understand that deep, lasting change will be the end result of path we have chosen.
I think my question would be whether Theo sees any truth to this and if so, where did this thought come to me from?
Theo, was the message Karen received pretty accurate?

Yes, she was receiving well that day. You have a number of people who have been or are starting to receive their own messages and they like to see if what they are receiving coincides with what you receive. You are encouraging them to ask questions.
[Condensed due to length] Marie and her two sisters vacationed in Italy and visited Friar Masseo’s tomb in Assisi. When she touched the gate to his tomb, she felt sorrow. Later, she would be guided to thank God and pay it forward.
Theo, why did Marie feel sorrow when she touched the gate to Friar Assisi ItalyMasseo’s tomb?

Because many people have touched that gate in the past and were feeling sorrow. This energy remains in objects, just as we mentioned before that the energy of those that pray at the tombs of the Catholic Saints causes their bodies to not deteriorate.

What about the message she received to be thankful and pay it forward?

Yes, she was in a receptive mood and open to those suggestions by her own GA and guides. We are always trying to give you reminders to love one another and do good work.
Fortune writes:
The man Stephen Gouph, a.k.a. The Naked Rambler, Nude Menwhy is he so persistent on staying naked in public despite being arrested so many times?
Theo, why does Stephen Gouph appear naked all the time in public?

There are those whose soul contracts are to be at odds with conventionality. His appearance is highly disruptive and he enjoys the attention, you might say. In his last incarnation he lived a life with few clothes and on a deep level he longs for that life again.
Daralyn writes:
I am wondering what is the purpose of a kiss? Is there any special exchange of energy? Do any other creatures kiss?
Gaia, what is the purpose of a kiss? And how many Earth creatures Couple Kissingkiss?

Yes, it is an exchange of hormones and energy. It can be very sexual, as you are well aware. Hundreds of species kiss in one form or another. It is even the same across the universe, as the Explorer Race will see in your explorations of the universe one day.
But for your reader’s question, as said before, it is a transfer of energy, hormones, and more. It is an expression of love and/or friendship, and can be seen as a desire for reproduction or sex in all its forms.

Aravind writes from Australia: This relates to a prediction about DNA advancements you made years ago (check link):
Breakthrough DNA Editing Team Discovers Genes to Cure Untreatable Gene cureDiseases:  Click here.

It was given in Newsletter (10/5/13):  Click here.

Gaia, will we experience less disease in the 5th focus due to the higher energy in our bodies?

Not so much, Tom, but diseases will continue until you are able to cure them through DNA manipulation. That’s one of the major accomplishments coming in the next few years—the ability to manipulate your DNA and be rid of most diseases, if not all. Naturally, this will take time as there are millions, if not billions, of people who will not have access to these developments for several years after these discoveries.
But to answer this question, your bodies will SLOWLY become more disease resistant as you move farther into the 5th focus. It will be almost imperceptible for many years. If suddenly there was no disease, then your scientists would not be funded to continue to try and manipulate DNA, would they? Those people who meditate and work with light will fare much better than those who do not.


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