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June 24, 2017

Tom T. Moore



Welcome to this edition of The Gentle Way Newsletter, and a special Welcomewelcome to all my new subscribers all over the world. If you wish to subscribe to this F.R.E.E. newsletter, go to and then click on the link in the Blue Box on the right side of the Home page.
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Nothing to report on those slow Russians, so on to news I reported on my Tom T. Moore Author page on Facebook.

Karin sent me this link to a 27 min program about THE STRANGER IN Valiant Thor and CrewTHE PENTAGON--Valiant Thor's 3 year mission to Earth, which was considered a failure. He is a Pleiadian, who said he was from Venus so as to not scare people. He met with Eisenhower more than once and lived in the Pentagon with his crew for three years. Here is the link: click here.
Aravind sent me this link about all the new possible habitable planets NASA just reported.

“NASA announces the Kepler space telescope has identified 219 potential new worlds”
Click here.
Dubai Taxi DroneHere is the near future for taxis and then personal transportation.

"Dubai's self-flying taxis are primed for takeoff later this year"
Click here.
Amazing that there are 2.4 billion people in the world without access to Future Toiletbasic toilet facilities and 1 billion who must use fields, gutters, and streets. Here is a new way to solve this problem being introduced in Madagascar.

The Toilet of The Future"

Click here.
THE GENTLE WAY I: "The Zone" wrote: "Amazing book! Loved what The Gentle Way ITom teaches in this book. Learned more about how to live the gentle way by simply immersing myself into that book. Absolutely transformational!”
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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you
Janet in St. Louis writes:
What will be the effect of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017? Will it cause any earth changes? Also, I observed during a previous partial eclipse that my coworkers were all on edge and making dumb mistakes. My reasoning for this was a deep seated primitive fear within us of losing our source of life. This makes me wonder how a total eclipse in a large part of the country will affect people's behavior. Thanks so much for your newsletters.
Gaia, what will be the effects of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017?Total Solar Eclipse

Yes, there will be both physical effects and what you would term mental effects. On the physical side there will be earthquakes, but not in North America so much as in in other locations. These eclipses allow or assist me in putting pressure not only on fault lines but even deep within my core and assist me in moving magma.

Will there be any quakes in the world larger than let’s say 8.0?

No, but lower that a little to the 7.5 to 7.6 range and there will be those. Yes, plural.
Inhabited regions or mostly uninhabited?Earthquake in Asia

Both, Tom. A smaller earthquake will occur in a densely populated area.

Yes, Tom.
What about the mental you mentioned?

Yes, there will be those that are affected. Those that have anger issues are especially vulnerable to these eclipses. The eclipse acts as a catalyst—you understand this is all by soul contract. You can ask more questions as we get closer to the date, Tom.
Jackie on Facebook asked about free energy.
Gaia, probability of how long will it take for free energy to become the dominant way we use to power our homes, businesses, etc.?

Once it begins, Tom, it will quickly catch on, and will only be limited by Free Energyhow fast these generators – these devices – can be produced. Therefore, give it five, but a maximum of 10 years and you will see them covering the globe as there will not just be one manufacturer, but several.
Will they be large enough to handle just one house or several?

Several, Tom. Call them mighty-mites. They will come in different sizes depending upon their use. Grids will quickly form, much to the chagrin of the electrical companies that will try unsuccessfully to slow their African Village with Electricitydistribution. As I said before, this will be a major change, as wealthy individuals will donate millions, and yes billions, of dollars so that every poor village all over the world has electricity. This is truly revolutionary, in every sense of the word, as people will become so much more knowledgeable as they can and will make use of the freedom to obtain facts about their governments they were not privy to before.
I assume electricians will be quite busy installing these generators?

That’s true as thousands, and yes millions, of people will be employed to install these, although the actual installation and connecting to a house will be quite simple. And as you are thinking, there will be some thefts in the early days until everyone is hooked up or connected.
This all began with this question to Gaia:
Gaia, would it be possible for me to speak with the group soul for trees, or does each type of tree have a group soul?

The answer to your first question is yes, a group soul for the trees will be quite pleased to speak with you, and no, each group soul takes care of all the same type of trees all over the Earth. They specialize, you could say.
Then I guess I’ll just ask for whomever is interested in speaking to me.Oak Trees

They all are raising their hands, you could say, so prepare some questions for next time.
I decided to communicate with the group soul of oak trees, as there are many in my area, including my front yard, so the next time:
I do request to speak to the group soul for oak trees.

I am the group soul as you term it for oak trees, Tom. Good morning.
Good morning and good life. Should I call you Oak, Oak Tree, or do you really have another name?

Oak will do just fine as I remind you what you have been previously told, Tom, that souls have little use for names, so whatever feels comfortable to you and your readers is fine with me.
Thank you, Oak. May I ask were you attracted to this creation or universe from another, and did you or do you still inhabit a planet with Oak Trees in the Fallmany trees?

Yes, I was attracted to this universe and wish to express myself in the form of trees. I and others of my kind also inhabit another planet in the universe, but when Creator asked for volunteers for the Earth Experiment I and several of my kin volunteered. We each chose a different expression here on Earth.
Are there still others on your planet?

Quite so.
Are you mobile on that planet?

Yes, we have a form there that allows us to be mobile and move about. Yes, the image I’m sending you is forms in motion.
I would think it is limiting to be stuck in one place on Earth?

Yes and no. We are allowed to cover the land with millions of trees—in my case, oaks. And as you have read, we can communicate with each other, and yes, with other trees. We are alive, just not what humans would consider alive.
Why is it that you have forests of oaks, but at times you will have a tree Oak Treeout by its lonesome, sitting out in a field somewhere?

Yes, they are aspects of my soul, but are allowed to exist in a place devoid of other trees of any kind. Those forms attract birds and squirrels and other beings who look at the tree as their home and shelter. And yes, as you are thinking, we do put out a call and welcome them and their nests and such. They give us their companionship.
Back on your home planet, do the tree forms at times travel the universe in space ships?

No, I realize after seeing the Groot character in the Guardians of the Galaxy films this would be asked, but we wish to stay connected to the land, and also our forms are much larger on that planet and a spaceship—even the size of the Sirian motherships—could not hold us, 500 Year Old Oak Treeand even if they did, we would not be able to move.
Will you stay on Earth after the Explorer Race leaves in 7,000 years?

Good question. Yes, we will continue to express ourselves and I look forward to having more forests in all the places where my seeds will be able to take root and grow. All the spaces on Earth by that time will be as if the Explorer Race had never been here. We will then welcome those visitors from all over the universe to what will be this pristine world truly unique in this universe.
OK, that’s all my questions for now, but perhaps my readers will have additional questions, Oak. Thank you for your time and good life.

Good life to you, Tom. We all appreciate your desire to bring a higher understanding of all the souls assisting Gaia here on Earth.
Theo, in our dream state do we constantly and primarily solve problems for the 500,000 to one million other soul fragments of our own souls having lives all over the universe, or do we do it for all soul fragments, not only those of our souls but others as well?

Good question, Tom. No, the majority of the time you are assisting the soul fragments of your own soul, but are happy to assist the soul fragments of any soul where your expertise can help another soul fragment.Dreamstate
You understand this was all decided by your own souls and they knew that making thousands of decisions in any given week would also assist all the other lives your souls are having so that they can raise their vibrational levels at a record pace. No other souls in any universe have been able to progress in raising their vibrational levels as fast as your souls have already done, and will continue to do in the future, until you eventually depart and return to your home planets.

You are already assisting those who chose not to take part in the Earth Experiment by having lives back on your home planets, as Antura is now doing, but when you begin to spread small amounts of this negative energy to those other planets, you will assist all of those to slowly move up the scale, we will term it.

So, to summarize, the majority of the time is spent with those hundreds of thousands of soul fragments of your soul having lives all over this universe, but you do offer on a soul level to assist anyone with their problem solving.

Aravind writes from Australia:
In the dream I had, if you recall about the walls becoming windows (Newsletter May 6, 2017). I forgot to mention that I also saw a robot or android walking about in the background - Bladerunner Androidsgreeted me as I entered the room. It appears these robots can send images, information, and emotions telepathically. But maybe Theo or Gaia can explain a bit more.
Gaia, in the future will androids or robots be capable of telepathy?

Androids will be constructed as closely to humans as possible, and that will include the pineal gland, so yes, they will have that capability. That may seem amazing at this juncture, but this will be looked at as almost an ancient time in 300 years, Tom. As told to you before, even 100 years from now they will look back at this time period the way you look back at 1917 and that whole period of time. So, you can only imagine how far in advancement you will, as the human race, gain in 300 years.
But robots will not be capable of telepathy. They will be so advanced at that time they will be capable of anticipating all your wants and needs, but in reality their advanced knowledge will only seem like telepathy.

First Contact bookFor my new readers, Antura is my “brother on another planet” and a member of my soul group or “cluster,” as Theo calls them. He’s an amphibian, living on the water world planet Nommo in the Sirius B Star System. You can read much more about him in my book
FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET. Here are more questions asked in the last week.
Caitlin writes:
I had an experience in 2014 where I believe I witnessed a large number of spaceships flying across the night sky. They were pretty far away but I still haven't been able to come up with any other  explanation. There were probably 30 or more ships that moved slowly and smoothly around the sky and then one at a time, they each seemed to instantly zip off into space and disappeared. Each one looked roundish and had multiple colored lights on it (orange, red, green and yellow). In the years since then, I think I've seen similar looking crafts in the sky probably 3 or 4 times. On that night, I was at a strange point in my life, having recently received a lot of spiritual information and I was trying to process it all. I was feeling "homesick" for another planet. I UFO'swas alone, taking a walk to clear my head when this happened.
If it's not too much to ask, I was wondering if you could ask Theo or Antura what exactly it was that I saw that night. If it was alien crafts that I saw, was there a particular reason they showed up or a message they wanted to convey? I've attached one of the clearer pictures that I took on my old cell phone.
Again, I wanted to thank you for the good work that you do. I use MBOs and try to live in a more gentle way every day!

[Note: I downloaded the photo Caitlin sent to me, but the multiple images were just too small and too far away to reproduce for the newsletter. They were red in color and there were three that were in sort of a triangle shape, plus several more strung out.]
Did Caitlin view multiple ET crafts and if so for what reason?

Yes, she did and they were among many people who saw them that night. Again, it was all part of the continued step-up in sightings preparing everyone for our appearances.
Alberta in Albuquerque writes:
Thank you for your help with MBO prayers. A few months ago there was an implant that worked its way out of my back behind my right shoulder. There was a small antenna like object sticking out and when pushed out further, a multicolored shiny object about the size of the tip of an eraser on a pencil came out. It left no mark on my skin where it had been and after being out a short time it turned dark.

Please ask one of your contacts for more information about this and its Alien Zeta Implant Trackerpurpose and who put it there.

Antura, was the device found in Alberta’s shoulder courtesy of the Zetas and if so, how many times was Alberta abducted?

Yes, it was a Zeta tracker, and well over 50 times. They did not install these trackers unless they planned on picking up the individual multiple times.
[Referring to last week’s questions] Was I in spirit when you Abe Sapien Hellboy Movies depictioncommunicated with me prior to this life?

Quite so, Tom. It is so much easier for us to communicate when we are in a much more complete state of being as I am now, Tom. I communicated with you, just as you have with your granddaughter and future grandson.
I assume we were communicating since you knew my soul contract for this round would include our collaboration?

Exactly, Tom. I was and am fully aware of what your plans were for this round and how we were to work together to further mankind’s knowledge. Our soul had this plan for a long, long time.
Paul in Australia writes:
Aravind’s question about his sighting of possible UFO (in the May 4 newsletter) prompted me to ask: In November last year I was travelling from New Zealand to Buenos Aires and just out of Buenos Aires I noticed, looking down between the clouds, a white craft travelling in a very straight line under the clouds UFO Argentinaand appeared closer to the ground and travelling over terrain that a truck or car could not travel. It came close to a farmhouse, changed course and went off in a straight line again. At first I thought it was an aircraft delivering mail, etc., but at our height I could not make out the aircraft shape. It was travelling away from Buenos Aires.
A little while later we had started our descent into Buenos Aires and noticed again between the clouds and the ground a similar white craft travelling in a straight line, this time towards Buenos Aires. Again, from our height I could not make out an aircraft shape, and thought it was odd that there would be two aircraft doing "deliveries" or reconnaissance. At both sightings I thought if it is not an aircraft, could it be a UFO? Tom, can you ask Antura what the white craft was?

Antura, did Paul in Australia see an ET craft out the window of the airplane he was in as they approached Buenos Aires and the craft seemed to be close to the ground near a farmhouse—this in November of 2016?

Yes, it was taking those readings we have discussed many times. A farmer and his family are just as important to us, as a CEO of a major corporation, to obtain readings.
I think Mike asked this question.
Theo, is there any probability for the far right to make racial claims Pleiadians Depictionwhen the Pleiadians land in Russia?

Almost none, Tom. There will be a couple, but the fascination will take precedence. You are more likely to see people claiming it is a hoax cooked up by the Russians. Keep in mind it will be very hard for a large number of people to accept this at first, as they were told—drilled into their heads—that humans are the most intelligent beings in the universe.
That stems all the way back to illiterate people who would be frightened to think there are millions of planets farther along technologically than are Homo-sapiens at this time. It will take time for this to sink in and be accepted by the majority of the public. But it is time to change these beliefs. All of your sci-fi films have prepared the public to accept ET.

Gaia, what is the highest probability of the Zetas making their public appearance by, say, April 1 of 2018?

Low at this time, Tom. You need to extend that a couple of months for Zetas Depictionthe probability to be in the 80 percentile. Even then, it still depends upon how the Pleiadians will be accepted. We don’t see any glitches at this time, but feel free to check back with me or Theo as we’re sure you will.
What then is the highest probability of when we will visit the Sirian ship by, say, July 1, 2018?

Fairly high at this time. Your visit is not completely predicated on the Zetas, because your departure can be kept low key, as you have considered before, since you must have several months of editing time. So, I would say the probability would be over 80% at this time. Take it to the bank, Tom.
This MBO story and the next one originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at Please send me your MBO and BP stories. They will inspire others to try The Gentle Way!
Sharon writes from Ontario, Canada:
I’ve had great success with MBOs over the past several months and wanted to relate another one that just happened. We were expecting a delivery of a bathroom vanity and it was Bathroom Vanityto come between 1 pm and 5 pm today. I had a hair appointment and would be gone for 1½ hours, but my husband was supposed to be here all day.
However, yesterday it turned out he had to be on the road for work this afternoon. So, I said to my husband,
“It’s fine, I’ll say an MBO for the delivery to arrive either before I leave or after I get back from my appointment,” which I did. In my mind I thought this would prove to him how effective MBOs can be. And then I didn’t worry too much about it. I had a note on the front door for the delivery people to call our next door neighbor if they did come while I was away, and my neighbor had agreed to come over to sign for it. I got back from my hair appointment – no delivery – and half an hour later it came! As you say, Tom, this works perfectly and eases a lot of worry and anxiety. Thanks for your books (have them all) and newsletters and your research.
Michael writes:
Here's a true MBO that hopefully will inspire others to try and/or keep using MBOs and "The Gentle Way."

I'm a retired senior on a low, fixed income. I'd been trying to move into a much, lower rent apartment place in Hollywood, Ca. for years. The waiting list was real long. I tried about all the different approaches of the "Law of Attraction" that I could find, but no go. Some folks get good results with the LOA, but not me and it seems most people don't either.
Last year I was told by the manager of the place it would be 2 to 3 more Hollywood Apartment Houseyears before my name would come up. Luckily, I heard about "The Gentle Way" from an interview Tom gave on an internet podcast. I tried it and started small and then medium requests. They all came about in rapid fashion.

Last year I started requesting an MBO every night to my Guardian Angel for the best place for me and my budget to live in and around the Hollywood area. Lo and behold, what was supposed to take a minimum of 2 years happened in 9 months. I got a call from the manager's office that an apartment had suddenly become available. I passed the vetting and an MBO for the money to move in came from an unexpected source.

The move went smoothly, thanks to more MBOs, and I'm now living in a nice apartment, paying only 30% of my monthly income for rent. A rare bargain in this town!

Tom's right, be patient with the big MBOs, like a perfect job, a perfect romantic partner, a perfect house or apartment, and so on. It can take a little time for the circumstances to be arranged.

Exactly how the MBOs work, I don't know, (maybe Tom does) but, I only know they DO WORK!
I was in the same situation as Michael—I didn’t know how it worked when I began experimenting with MBOs, I just knew that it worked
Pamela writes:
Would you ask Theo about this artifact? Is this something the Federation left for us to find so we can open our minds to the possibility?
It was discovered in the city of London, Texas, USA,
[southeast of San Angelo] in 1934.

I look forward to more information. Click here. Ancient Hammer
Gaia, please explain the hammer found in a rock dating back 400 million years ago.

Yes, that does not seem to calculate with what we have told you in the past about the beginning of experiments that resulted in the Explorer Race starting 10 million years ago. Just keep in mind that there were other races of beings that were on Earth for short periods of time, but had to leave due to the volatility of the planet. And the scientists are off in their calculations of when the hammer was encased in the rock.
So, the hammer is not a fake in some way?

No, just the dating of the encased hammer. So, go with this explanation, Tom. The hammer was used by a race of people long gone from Earth.
Mike writes from the UK:

RE: Whistling
I've always wished that I had the ability to whistle, but I can't. Why is it Whistling Dixiethat some people can whistle and others can't?
RE: Haunted Dolls
Annabelle the doll is in the The Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. And Robert the doll is in the East Martello Museum, Florida. Both dolls are supposedly haunted. Are both of dolls haunted/possessed and by what, and why?

Click here for Annabelle doll.
Click here for Robert doll.
Theo, why can some people whistle and some cannot?

A lot more people could whistle if they wanted to put in the time and practice. But it also can depend upon the shape of the teeth that act to Annabelle Dollshape the air coming out of your mouth. It can even be the whole shape of the mouth. So, we now have three reasons—lack of interest in trying to whistle, or lack of instruction from someone who does. Then, the shapes of the mouth and teeth.
Theo, are the Annabelle and Robert dolls haunted, and if so, why?

Both dolls experienced violent energies and death. Just as a battlefield retains the energy of death, so can objects such as dolls or for that matter many other objects as well. That’s how it is possible for those who have the ability to read the history of an object just by holding it.
Peter writes:
Thank you for your wonderful newsletters and books that help many to evolve spiritually. It helps many here on this planet. I do as you tell us to do, to write down our dreams. Most of them are interesting, but here is one that is very different.
I had a dream (if we can call it a dream). I was walking and I saw some Futuristic Citybeings from another planet. So, when I went up next to them I remembered who they are. Then one said, “Yes, we are your friends from Zirkon.” For some reason, I remembered them. Strange how in another dimension or place you remember things like this.
Then one said, “Do you want to learn something new?” I said, “Yes.” So, I felt projected into another place or dimension. I saw myself in the future where I had done all kinds of wonderful things. It was as if I was talking to myself in front of me. It was a strange but wonderful feeling. Then I came back in front of them.
I thought it was over when they said “No, there is something else.” So, I was projected again much further somewhere. I saw myself in front of me, but a much younger me. I was around 28. So, I said to myself, “Strange, I must have gone in the past.” So, the me in front said, “No, you are in the future.” I said, “Impossible, you are younger.” So, he showed me how the Earth is all clean and all in visions. As if I could fly all over the Earth to see this.
So, I said, “Yeah, it’s the past a long time ago.” He said, “No, I’m your future and you’ll be me as you see me now.” Then I asked, puzzled, “Ok what happened then, since you are my future?”
He said, “You all went into a stage of what some call “Ascension” a Futuristic Buildingwhile ago. So, I said, “Ok, you mean like in a century or so? How come I’m still here as I see you (much younger)?” And he said, “No, you and many others are living much longer now so your body cells rejuvenated to what you see as 28 years old instead of how you normally look when you grow older.”
So I asked, “In what time are you now?” He said, “In 20 years.” Then I woke up. Was it only one of my future possibilities? Was this in another timeline? Was it just my imagination?
I’m not sure if all this is true for the future, but at least it’s hope, which I find beautiful. But it helps me continue to act and believe in opening up our minds and help others do it too.

Gaia, was Peter’s dream of the future 20 years from now or when?

Let’s just say, Tom, that it is the future. There will be many improvements in people’s lives in the next 20 years, but anti-aging is still farther out. As noted before, dreams mix past lives, future lives, parallel lives and probabilities all together in the quantum state. Peter has much to look forward to in the years to come, but again, we cannot get into his soul contract. Many of your readers are starting to note their dreams, and this is excellent, as they will see they are being guided.
Sometimes events happen faster than I can answer questions about them.
Dave writes:
What did the North Koreans do to American Otto Warmbier to reduce him to a vegetative state?
Is there any chance of his recovery? When is the North Korean Otto Warmbiernightmare going to end?
(6/18/17) Theo, what did the North Koreans do to put Otto Warmbier into a coma, and what is the probability of him recovering?

There is a very slim chance of recovery at this time, Tom. His brain was heavily damaged when blood was cut off from his brain for too long a time. You do understand this is Karmic in nature—a balancing of a past life. He was giving the guards a hard time and they used an electrical prod on him that caused his heart to stop. They did not catch the fact that he was not breathing until too late.
At least we now have a pretty good idea of how he was fatally injured.
  I'm also told that the Korean dictator will be replaced sooner than later. 


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