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June 3, 2017

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 6-3-17


Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.



This Blog is for people who wish to learn how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!

This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for… thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronyms MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).   My website is


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Be sure to participate when I ask you to say a Benevolent Prayer out loud, but are you also saying the Daily BP each morning as I do?  Theo says this is one of the most important things you could do for yourself not only for this life, but all the others you have lived or will live on earth, as they are all happening at the same time.  Print it out and put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you.  Here is the link:  Here is an example of a BP for everyone to say today: “I ask any and all beings to intervene in the most benevolent way to stop any terrorist attacks before they happen anywhere in the world, to respect other religions, and for there to be peace in the world, thank you!”


Renee writes:  Do I have an MBO for you!  I spent a surprised visit to the hospital over Easter weekend having my appendix out.  Never had a surgery before but I was extremely calm under the circumstances because of my firm belief in MBOs.  Everything went well and the private room and care I received was exceptionally great.  BUT, when I was home about four days later, I went to the post office and in my mail was a letter from my insurance company that they DENIED all coverage for my stay in the hospital.

I immediately said an MBO for this insurance company and hospital to come to a resolution and that the outcome be more than I could hope for or expect.  After countless calls between the insurance company and the hospital, I was told by both parties that they were “working it out” and should be notifying me of the outcome in a few weeks.  

So about three weeks later, I receive a statement from the hospital that I owed more than $27,000.  After a few more phone calls to both parties, and another MBO, two days later I received a final statement from my insurance company showing that they paid in full the entire amount and I owed $0.  Now that is really a huge MBO.

Now for my “Expect Great Things” story.  You may or may not remember this, but about seven years or so ago, I contacted you regarding my missing brother in Alaska.  He moved up to Fairbanks in the late summer of 2008 and for about five years I was unable to find him.  So you asked Theo a couple of times during those years about his well being and where he was.  I was so grateful for this information and the MBOs.  Anyway I finally located him back in 2012.  It turned out that he didn’t reach out to me all those years because he felt bad that he wasn’t able to pay back the money he owed me.  I told him that I didn’t even care about the money, that I had written it off a long time ago.  I was only concerned about finding him and his well being.

Well these days my brother is in a much better position financially. Just last week he said he was going to wire me the money he owed.  I was so elated and happy that he could because I wasn’t sure what the outcome of this hospital bill was going to be.  His money arrived just two days after I got the $0 balance of the hospital bill.  Another “Expect Great Things” story.


Joe writes:  I’ve been a reader for about a year now and I have several stories to tell about my MBO requests.  Last summer I contacted the manufacturer of a medical device that I need to use daily because the battery case had snapped in a critical place that meant the batteries would not stay engaged with the device.  Every other time I have contacted customer service, I get a representative (always a woman) who is pleasant but not overly friendly. 

This time, when I called, I spoke to a man named Darren.  I explained the problem and whether I should work directly with the company or go to my medical provider for authorization for a new device– a time consuming process!  At one point he said something to the effect that he could tell from my voice that I was a decent and kind person, and that from my history with the company that I have not asked much from them in terms of special favors or deals, and so he was going to make an executive decision to replace the entire device!  I was simply required to return the defective device with its bad battery case, and the company would switch it with a new device for me.  They often use defective devices to study for flaws and ways to improve the product.  So I got a replacement device for free!  I made sure to ask for BP’s for this nice man afterwards! 

My next three MBOs happened yesterday, and I believe are a direct result of the Daily Affirmation [EXPECT GREAT THINGS] that I recently started using.  I had been wishing for an Oriental rug to “dress up” my front entry, something pretty but not expensive.  One appeared, rolled up, by someone’s garbage collection point, and on unrolling it, I could see it was synthetic fiber and had “melted” spots from a hot iron, but it cleaned up nicely and I don’t care if people wipe their feet on it.  Then I had been thinking that I need to construct a chicken wire “cage” for protecting my vegetable garden from rodents, and some small river rock specimens for my water garden.  In both cases, I found the items discarded, in fine condition, at different collection points, and on asking, the residents each said I could have them for free!  Woo hoo!  Great things indeed!  Thanks, Tom!


Donna writes:  I use MBOs so much, that often as I just start to think about actually saying an MBO out loud, such as loosening a tight jar lid, my “request” is heard and answered. It’s the most amazing thing! I always thank spirit for the help!

Thank you, Tom, for this life-changing tool!


Carol in Waterloo, ON Canada writes: I misplaced my house keys about two weeks ago. My husband and I turned our apartment upside down for two days. Then I had to check in with the property manager to tell her I’d lost them. So she activated the key fob that opens up the door to the lobby and other areas of the building. I also went to the locksmith she suggested and had two sets made.

I also remembered to say some MBOs so we could recover them. I was disappointed that we had not found them right away!!  Until, Eureka, today (two weeks later) my husband found them twisted around the wee hook on a hanger where his one jacket was hanging. We had both searched the pockets of said jacket many times, no keys there. My hero, my husband found them as he took his jacket off the hook to wear. How nuts is that finding those keys twisted around that hook on the hanger? He had not worn that jacket since I hung it up, keys in hand to twist around that hook! I had no recollection of having done that!

Needless to say I have been saying my Thank Yous for the recovery of the keys and now the key fob has been reactivated!  Those MBOs sure work but in God’s own time!!  Now we have an extra set of keys just in case and I can return the other extra set to our daughter-in-law who looks after our digs when we are away.  MBOs WORK!!


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Tom T. Moore

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