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September 18, 2010

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 9-18-10

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Welcome to this week’s edition of my Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier. It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS! This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!” When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).

Subscribing to this blog is easy, just go to .  I also email a weekly newsletter with more advanced topics, which you can subscribe to by going to  Here you can also read a couple of sample chapters of my first book to give you more suggestions on requesting MBO’s.  Please forward this blog to your friends if you enjoy reading it.  In the Articles & News section I have a new Search Function you can use to search all my articles and newsletters by simply entering a word or phrase.  And be sure to request to be my Friend on Facebook.  I give extra information during the week there.  Now for some inspiring stories.


If you’re a new reader of these blogs, what I’m about to say you can do might seem a little incredulous, but I assure you I’m getting feedback from other readers of their successes too.

In my meditations, I was told by Gaia, Soul of the earth, that we can change weather patterns.  It’s all part of our learning to be Junior Creators in Training, as we’re called.  Requesting MBO’s, I’ve been told by my own Guardian Angel, puts you on a path of higher awareness and raises you vibrational level—you feel “lighter.

As an example, Gaia says that even in Northern Climates that might not see the sun for several weeks, she will allow one day a week of sun, but we have to REQUEST IT! So I thought and decided on SUNNY SATURDAYS.   Most kids are out of school, people are out shopping or taking part in some sports activity.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a Sunny Saturday this week, thank you!” Already, my readers have been experimenting with this in the United Kingdom, and they say it works great, as long as they remember to request it! So you may have to put up a sign to that effect on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

I have had two times recently when I requested that it NOT RAIN—the first time was when my wife and I attended a block party.  First there were some towering white clouds to the south of us.  It was getting pretty dark, but the sun still lit up these clouds.  There was lightning in the tops of the clouds but that’s all we saw.  Then the clouds kept coming our way and I began to see lightning strikes to the ground.  I requested a Most Benevolent Outcome for the rain and lightning to remain to the south during the time we were at the block party. The lady who organized the block party checked the radar online and said that the rain just stayed where it was and then moved on to the west.

The second time was yesterday evening when we attended “Grapefest” in Grapevine, Texas.  They produce wine there and they have several blocks of the old city town blocked off with carnival rides, numerous bands performing each block and load of booths.  While there, again the clouds started darkening and lightning started striking the ground.  Again I requested a MBO for the rain to stay away from Grapefest. In one of the stores we entered, a lady had been watching the radar online and said that the storm just divided into two parts and went around us.  She said she guessed, “We were just lucky.”

One of my readers last year had a tornado headed right for her house.  She grabbed her two kids, requested a MBO and ran for shelter.  The tornado lifted off the ground and went back into the wall cloud.

So do experiment with this during these winter months for the Northern Hemisphere and during the summer months for the Southern Hemisphere.


Pat writes:  I use MBO’s w/much success but am stumped re:requesting one for my 2.5 yr old grandson who doesn’t want to settle down to sleep until 10-12 at night. It’s exhausting as I ‘sit’ often when she goes out of town and I am 74. He is like this all the time.  Please help. Thank you.

For Pat and anyone that might have a similar problem, requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes is for you specifically.  Asking for a benevolent outcome for someone else is said slightly differently, as a whole other set of  “whole souls” we call angels handle these requests INSTANTLY. It’s called a Benevolent Prayer.  In this case you would say, “I ask any and all beings to send calming energy to my grandson and assist in changing his sleeping pattern to earlier in the evening, thank you!”


I’m changing her name for privacy to Nicki writes:  I have written before and I like to say thank you for always responding to my questions! I appreciate that you do that.  Tom, I wrote to you last year and started to recite the MBO’s for (1) for my boyfriend and I to hopefully get back and also a job for me.  At a later time I wrote to you again about a question regarding my boyfriend.

As of yet we have NOT reconciled and we see each other occasionally and are in contact, which is ok with me for now. You mentioned something about a soul contract?? I think that’s what it was…you also suggested to help me cut all ties if that was the case, to request a MBO, “for severing all energy cords that were not in my best interest at this time.” I started reciting this in February, 2010, so that way it would allow the perfect man for me or cut off all ties that makes it hard to let go…..As of this date, he is still in my life but no reconciliation yet.  Just going to see were it leads to on this one.

My question to you is, I have been requesting an MBO for a job since December 2009 and I have still NOT found work, and its been very, very difficult for me, but I continue to say the MBOS because I am hopefully that it will happen.  Can you suggest anything else? I always feel like I am NOT wording the MBO’s correctly, would that affect it happening??? I never know if I am wording it right.

My other question is: I recite the Benevolent Prayer; “I ask that any and all beings assist and comfort, and so on every single day. Would I be able to recite this prayer for someone else, and just adding their name instead? For example: I ask that any and all beings assist and comfort (the persons name) I have been doing this for my boyfriend, asking that he is assisted in making a decision about us? Will this work?  I was curious?

I have to say, MBO’s have become a part of my daily life, every single day I say at least 10 or use them for everything. I am so excited that I came across your article and am grateful.  I have kept a journal of the MBO’s I have requested along with the dates I received the MBO.  I have a lot of great ones!! I am grateful every single day for everything. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for everything I have learned from reading your literature and article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.  Best of luck to you always.

For the many new readers of the Blog, to sever the “ties that bind” you to an old boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-husband or wife, you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for severing all energy cords that are no longer in my best interest, thank you!” You can say this several times if that makes you feel better, but only once will take care of this.

As we all know, this is one of the worst recessions we’ve ever had.  In my business I haven’t seen it this slow in 27 years.  So I would suggest you say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome in being led to ways to earn money, thank you!” Please don’t think you have to have a certain job.  Perhaps there is something out there even better waiting for you, or you’ll find a way to make money you never considered before—buying and selling on E-bay, Craigs List, etc.  We had to lay my daughter off two years ago as business slowed, and she took the opportunity to start her own photography business, and this year she’s doing sales of $1,000 to $2,000 a family.  Get creative!

That Benevolent Prayer you say for yourself, which I say every morning (you can find it on the website by going to and clicking on SIGNS) is for you for your past, present, and future.  The Benevolent Prayer you would say for your ex-boyfriend would be, “I ask any and all beings to assist ______in making a decision regarding our relationship, thank you!” If you are still having sex with him, then I must advise you that he just might be taking advantage of the situation until he finds someone else—or he might have done so already and just likes a little variety.  You must consider this possibility.  You must refuse to have any sexual relations with him on just a casual basis—as it’s not casual for you, but may very well be for him.

And finally, do say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for the perfect man (or woman) for me, thank you!”


Diane writes:  I just wanted to share an MBO with you and your readers!  This proves that sometimes it’s not instant for an MBO, but that it still works!

My husband has to take his glasses off when he is taking pictures with the camera.  He was at this event and took his glasses off.  He put them down some place but could not find his glasses!!  So he had to drive home without them!  Good thing he can see without them.

This happened last week, September 9th. I quickly requested an MBO to find them or someone to find them.  I requested my MBO’s a couple of times. Today, September 17th, he went back to one of the places that he was at last week and the owner of the restaurant handed him his glasses!  I quickly thanked my angels and his angels!!!  So it has proven to me that it might take a few days but the angels are at work helping you out!!!!

Keep on doing MBO’s……yeah!!!!  Just love my MBO’s!!!!!  Have a great weekend!!THE GENTLE WAY BOOKS

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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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