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April 10, 2021

Northwest Carpenters Union Agreement

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We recommend that you read the cover letter, the video below and the following preliminary agreements. Voting ended on Friday, November 13 at 12:00 p.m.! View results. Margaret Ellings became the first woman to be admitted to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in October 1935. The creation of a women`s committee within the United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of the most important developments in the union`s recent history. Visit Our negotiating team regularly works with contract partners to obtain clear and fair wages and benefits and gives you the opportunity to vote on any agreement. Your participation is essential to approving your wages and benefits. Find the contract that covers your area and your crafts. PNWRCC works for you for the best salaries and benefits. Your contribution to the leadership of the PNWRCC and, importantly, your vote is essential for approval. You will find the current contracts here and you will receive specific information from your premises and the PNWRCC on when the new contracts will be put to a vote.

We recommend that you read the cover letter, preliminary agreement and video below for more information. The electoral commission met on 24 May 2016 and counted the ballots for several agreements. Six agreements were ratified today. The results of the “YES” votes are as follows: Western WA Wall and Ceiling Agreement- 60.94% Regional Scaffold Agreement- 67.90% Eastern WA Area Master Agreement- 76.65% Central WA Area… Our founding president, Peter J. McGuire, worked tirelessly with his Carpenters colleagues on construction sites across the country to organize the union. In 1881 he organized a convention in Chicago to create a union. Representatives from 11 cities joined him and established a constitution and structure. This contract describes wages, hours of work, work rules and all conditions of employment. It even provides for a fair complaint and arbitration procedure so that your voice can be heard. However, complaints are rarely filed because we want to develop things before they become problems. Remember that we strive to make our signatory employers more competitive.

We want the work to go smoothly and end on time or before the schedule without accident. This means more jobs for you. This can only be done if we work together. What do contracts say about weather and make-up days? WWA AGC – Article 16 b) …… in case the order is cancelled due to weather conditions. or other conditions beyond the employer`s control, Monday to Friday, and then Saturday,… This communication is intended to inform you of the upcoming distribution of the overall increase of $1.49, negotiated in 2016. As you may know, health care costs continue to rise and the stock market remains unpredictable.

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