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March 29, 2014

Benevolent Outcomes Blog 3-29-14


Tom T. Moore's Books

Tom T. Moore’s Books

Welcome to the Benevolent Outcomes Blog, and welcome to everyone who subscribed in the past week.  This Blog is for people just discovering how to use a very simple, yet powerful and effective spiritual tool you can use every day the rest of your life.  It will lessen the stress and fear of life in general, and will make your life easier.  It’s so simple a lot of people say “It can’t be this easy,” but it is, because IT WORKS!  This reconnects you with your Guardian Angel, or higher power, or whatever your belief is.  You simply say, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for…….., thank you!”  When you read the stories below, sent from all over the world, we use the acronym MBO for Most Benevolent Outcomes, GA for Guardian Angel, and BP for Benevolent Prayers (what you ask for other people).   


Benevolent PrayerIt has been a while since I mentioned the section on my website called SIGNS.  There you can print out signs that say REQUEST BENEVOLENT OUTCOMES TODAY, my DAILY BENEVOLENT PRAYER that assists you in all your lives on earth, and the EXPECT GREAT THINGS MBO request I say each morning.  Please check all of them out at

I was asked this question this past week:  What is the difference between a MBO and a BP?

MBO requests are specifically for you.  I’ve been told that these requests are handled by your own Guardian Angel–the golden light being that volunteered to monitor you every minute of your life, along with many other souls.  There are a little over 1 million of these golden light beings I’m told.  Your GA knows instantly whether the MBO request is in your best long term and short term interests.  And it must be benevolent for all those connected to and affected by the request.

Request SignBPs are what you ask for other people.  There are also a little over 1 million whole souls we call angels that act instantly on these prayers.  They handle all the prayers said each day on earth.  When everyone says the same BP, a great energy is created that is greater than the individuals who said the prayer.  You will be amazed at how powerful they are when said in roughly the same time period.

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Please email me your MBO stories to show others how to use this simple tool to TomTMoore6(at)  Now for some inspiring stories.


Rick writes:  I have a BP. I went to get my hair cut yesterday. I walk in and the woman who cuts my hair (owner) is preoccupied, trying to find a business card. She tells me to sit in a barber’s chair while she searches. She and a client barter services and she needed the contact information. I sat in the chair and said a BP to myself that she’ll find the business card.

After we’re done, I pay her and we chat at the counter like we always do. She begins searching again and after a few seconds she finds the card. Between the BP and her finding the card was 10 minutes (including stopping to take time to cut my hair).


Lynn writes:  I use them so much and they almost always seem to happen… in the best possible way… when I am stumped as why it did not, I figure there was a good universal reason… I did ask for a good parking place at our Rec Center the other day.… I was in a big hurry and the only other parking would mean I would have to walk down a slippery hill. So I went all through the lot, and there was none, so I said…OK there is a good reason. I was a bit grumpy about it, as I would be late. Just as I was about to leave a car pulled out of the perfect place…. I actually laughed out loud and said a big Thank you… that scared our dog.


Vicky writes:  I had asked to rent/sell my house before April and that came through. I am very happy because I don’t have a job right now and I had only one month left to pay bills. That extra money I will pay to ship some things to Florida and doing some repairs in the house for the new tenants. Thanks to MBOs! I am fee of worries.


Laura writes:  I asked for an MBO. Car had ABS light on and noise. Driving to emergency dental on interstate. Said my MBO and let it go! Said an MBO when I took it in. Only my hubcap was holding on bolt to caliper or something. I was protected and provided for. My tire is on tight and it got fixed for free! I MBO everything!


Sandy writes:  I’ve got more: 1.) My toilet was running like a faucet at God’s house and I made an MBO for a fast plumber. Well, plumber served! 2.) I requested an MBO for a phone call from a certain person, phone call served!


Michael writes:  Yesterday, the task of cleaning up and mowing began. I figured the mower that sat out all winter would be a problem to start. I filled the gas tank and saying an MBO, I sprayed a little starting fluid in carburetor and pulled on the rope.……about three tugs and it sputtered to life and ran like new.

Following that success, I got out the weed eater……..pulled the rope and it was jamming and wouldn’t allow a clean pull, I was ready to give up…….so I said a quick MBO for help–pulled one more time and it started right up.  Thank you again Tom for MBO knowledge. I have had success before but never such an immediate response. Bless you.


Ketso writes from South Africa:  Two days ago the new head of credit at my bank put stringent conditions to my car loan application; he said the car would have to be registered in Lesotho [Africa] and I would have to pay 20% upfront/deposit fee, which is R62,000.00 (about $6,200).

So as I was about to fall sleep on Thursday night, I requested a MBO and asked for forgiveness to and for putting anyone in such a situation in the past, present or future lives. Yesterday, the business development officer called to tell me that they will finance my car over a period of 48 months and no deposit. My monthly installment will be R8400 ($840) and the car will be registered in South Africa.  Whilst this is better, I have requested an even better deal – I will update you.


Anne Marie writes:  This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I burned my hand on my hair straightener, and could tell it was a bad burn. Despite all this, I’m pretty proud of myself because I REMEMBERED almost immediately to say an MBO for my hand to heal quickly with as little pain as possible. It’s been a little painful, but not as painful as it could have been (these straighteners get up to 400 degrees!) and I am still able to type at work today!


M.J. writes:  I was driving to visit my mother (about an hour away from my home).  I requested an MBO to stay safe while driving my car that day.  On the way home, I looked up and saw a steel hammer (with a rubber handle) falling from above.  It bounced on the highway and went up into the air about 16 – 20 feet.  I just knew it was going to land on my car if I didn’t get into the other lane right away.  This is a busy interstate through the downtown area of my home city.  

I didn’t have a second to hesitate so I just swerved into the adjacent lane and avoided the falling hammer.  As soon as I got back into my lane, I shouted out a very heartfelt “Thank you Angels”.  As soon as I said my thank-you, I looked in my mirrors and there were all kinds of cars on both sides of me.  Obviously, my angels got those cars out of the way for that brief second when I needed a clear lane.  I did notice that time seemed to slow down while this was all taking place.  I feel very fortunate and grateful.  Thank you!


Laura writes:  I love MBOs. They bring a Grace, Ease and Flow to my life that is surrounded in Peace and Comfort knowing that I AM Guided, Guarded, Protected and Provided for in ways I could not expect or imagine. Fills my days with joy from the many surprising Blessings. I AM also filled with Gratitude and Appreciation to those Energetic Beings and Angels who Love to Serve and Assist spreading the Divine Love around. Inspires me to do the same here in 3D. LOVE you ALL!



BlogIf you are new to requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO’s) and asking for Benevolent Prayers (BP’s) for other people, you may also wish to SIGN UP FOR MY WEEKLY BLOG, which has nothing but GREAT MBO stories from all over the world.  I typically post this one day after the newsletter goes out.   And have you requested that AudienceI be your FRIEND ON FACEBOOK yet?  Please do so.  I do give extra information there.  I also post on TWITTER. 

If you know of Expos or groups looking for FEATURED SPEAKERS, let me know, or have them contact me.   And if you listen to any good TALK RADIO SHOWS that you have not heard me on yet, let me know about them. 


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Keep sending those success stories in, as they inspire others to live THE GENTLE WAY!

Have a Most Benevolent Week!

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