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July 13, 2020

Bausparvertrag online einsehen deutsche bank

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Nutzen Sie myBHW, um auf Ihre Verträge, BHW Post und Kontoauszüge online zuzugreifen. Daneben stehen Ihnen zahlreiche Services rund um Ihre Verträge zur Verfügung – wann und wo Sie wollen. This section contains important information on our fees and services as well as your Sparkasse`s online services. The Sparkassen Finance Group`s institutional protection scheme has been recognised as a statutory deposit guarantee scheme under the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme Act (“EinSiG”). In the extremely unlikely event that the institutional protection scheme should fail, all of our customers are guaranteed to be refunded deposits of up to 100,000 Euro in line with the provisions of the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme Act. 1979-2002: Monatsberichte Deutsche Bundesbank; 10 Jahre Zinsfestschreibung bei Besicherung im 1. Rang (diese Statistik wurde Mitte 2003 eingestellt). Ab 2003: Deutsche Bundesbank – Zeitreihe BKK01. SUD119 Wohnungsbaukredite an private Haushalte mit anfänglicher Zinsbindung über 10 Jahre (einschließlich Bauspardarlehen und Zwischenfinanzierungen)*vorläufiger WertStand 04/2020 Instructions (e.g. concerning sending money, security orders, card cancellations, direct debit payments) provided by you are only legally binding if provided through our online banking system, by telephone or other conventional means, but not by email. This does not apply to the cancellation of a contract if the prevailing legal regulations or your Sparkasse`s contract forms specify that it can also be cancelled in written form (e.g. email).

Savings banks are not operated in order to generate high levels of profits. This means that they are not generally exposed to any significant risks. However, this does not mean that are immune to financial problems. For this reason, the Savings Banks Finance Group implemented an institutional protection scheme which has been recognised as a statutory deposit guarantee scheme under the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme Act (“EinSiG”) on 3 July 2015. This method is only available to customers who have already registered for online banking. When selecting this method, you will first be taken to the online banking homepage. Next, you will be asked to log into online banking with your user name and PIN. You will then be asked to complete the corresponding online registration form. Once you have clicked Submit, you will be shown the form again to check your details, after which you will be asked to enter the requested TAN to confirm your request.

Nach einigem Hin und Her hatte die Deutsche Bank sich im Frühjahr 2017 entschieden, die Bonner Tochter Postbank doch nicht zu verkaufen, sondern in ihr Privat- und Firmenkundengeschäft einzugliedern.

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