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Recently I was meditating and asked how many people that read the Sedona Journal send white light out to the world on a regular basis.  I was appalled to be told that only 10% to 20% of Sedona Journal readers actually do this.  So I asked my Guardian Angel to explain.

I would like to ask about white light.  Few metaphysically oriented people try to send white light because I’m sure they can’t see any results.  Can you explain this process more fully to me?

Of course.  When you send or imagine you are sending white light out either over the world or to someone in particular, your guardian angels cover this request, along with a whole group of angels whose job this is to move the light; and they act upon your sending of light just like a prayer and that light is sent wherever you wish it to go.  So just think of it as a simple prayer for the world.  It is much more powerful than you can imagine, as you as humans are much more powerful than you can imagine.  Remember, you are junior creators in training.  Sending white light is part of the creation process. 

Now I’ll quickly explain how I send light.  You can “get creative” and send it anyway you wish, but just think what we can accomplish if just a few thousand more readers of the Sedona Journal start sending light every day, or at least on a regular basis!  I start by imagining I sending the white light to first North America, then South America, to the Arctic and then to Antarctica, then east to Europe and Africa, the Middle East (sometimes I’ll send extra light to specific countries here), Northern Europe, Eastern Europe; then I’ll switch and concentrate on sending light to Hawaii, Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, all of Asia and India until the light has encircled the world.   All this takes less than a minute of your time.  Surely you have a minute per day to give to the world your light!

My very first article for the Sedona Journal back in 2002 or 2003 (who can remember?) was titled “Benevolent Outcomes—Another Tool for Your Tool Box.”  I was passing along an important tool I had picked up while reading the Sedona Journal, just as you’re doing now.  But tools are not meant to be relegated to gather dust in a toolbox—they’re meant to be used.  For a number of Journal readers, there will come a time very soon when these tools will help save your lives.  But you need to be using them, or in a time of crisis you’ll forget that they are available to you.  I’ll write more on this in the coming months.   But now for some questions and answers from my Guardian Angel Theo. 

When you or another guardian angel sees that we heard that “whisper in your ear,” does that give you satisfaction or is that a 3d feeling that does not apply to you as a soul?

Good question Tom, actually.  We do have joy that we are able to succeed in getting through to you in that muddled atmosphere where you are caught up in the dramas of the day.  The more you pay attention, the easier it is for us to make known your path and make your lives easier and less stressful.  We try and advise you on everything, but as we have discussed before, this is a free choice world and sometimes –actually many times--humans make choices that are not at the highest level of your purpose on earth; although we adjust when you make those decisions to veer off of the path you wanted to take before your birth. 

How much does an oversoul take part in discussions about one’s next life on earth or perhaps even on another world?

Your oversoul as you call it Tom, does act as a loving advisor that directs the discussions if you will, while your soul group works out the contract for the next life.  As you do, you call in other soul groups as they are needed so that the experiences you have are arranged with those soul groups—yes, young and old.  As I said Tom, we are one big happy family and soul groups come in and out as needed—you just put in a call for them, and they offer their ideas and how you can interact with their next physical lives as your paths cross. 

Does your soul Theo resonates at the same vibrational rate as my soul?

Yes Tom, I resonate very closely with your soul, as it is necessary in order to advise you.

But then if you’re assisting a young soul, how is that accomplished?

They may be new souls for an earth life, but they are not necessarily new in the sense of the word meaning just birthed.  As you have heard before, before they are allowed an earth life, they have to have had many lives elsewhere in the universe, because earth school would be equated with a tough university or even master program at a university.  They would be lost if they had not gone through grade school all the way through high school, so that term new soul is a misnomer. 

Do the writing guides of mine handle the duties for all time lines, just my 6th time line, or 5 & 6 only?

Good question.  They are able to assist all of your time lines equally. They have no time “deadlines” to meet.  So they are able to prepare far in advance to assist you by giving me things to whisper in your ear about your writing.  As I said, they learn much about lives and the multiplicity of them, so they are able to grow at a faster rate. 

Theo, speaking of these time lines, is there a larger jump in frequency say between 6 & seven than there is between 5 & 6.

Yes!  Very good.  There is a larger difference in frequency, not by much, say 20% to 30% more, but you can consider that there are subgroups so to speak in twos.  It gives just a little more separation so that choices are a little more different. 

Theo—on time lines 7 & 8, is my life fairly similar to this one?

Fairly similar.  Obviously there are some differences, but overall it is more or less similar.  Things are a little easier as you can imagine with the slightly higher vibrational frequency. 

Why is a death angel needed when you’re there anyway?

A good question Tom.  My job is to greet you along with all your friends and love ones.  The angels that handle this duty are experienced in guiding everyone in the right direction so to speak, as your soul will no longer be tethered to your body.  We wouldn’t want you to become lost, now would we (a little humor there).  So their job is more complex than it might appear on the surface.  They certainly do much more than take on some appearance of a friend you know or relative.

When someone says they are speaking to an Arch Angel, is it really their own guardian angel handling the communication?

Yes, Tom, we are asked to fill in for the Arch Angels, with day-to-day details that must be handled.  They answer the call, but we are the filters to you, according to your question and your contract.  But people believe what they wish to believe, so let them. 

Is there some sort of physical reaction in women when they dream into another time period?

Quite so. They do have a physical reaction, although it is difficult to describe to you.  

Does it produce a noticeable physical reaction?

Yes, but very few women will notice the difference.

Someone asked on a radio show I appeared on recently if any angels are living a life on earth.  How should I answer that?

You should say we are all angels.  The Angelic realm is there to assist you but from across the veil you created yourselves to take part in this wondrous experiment of having complete free will to choose and not follow the life you planned before birth.    So of course angels can become physical should they wish but it is only done to assist you in some crisis where your life is in danger.    Should we decide to live an earth life, we would prepare just as you have done and it will only be a part of us, just as you are a part of a large and powerful soul yourself. 

And with that I’ll wish you a Most Benevolent Month!

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